Your Mindset Is Your Vehicle To Get You To Your Goals - Manage It Well

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Last night, I spent over an hour with one of our Wealthy Affiliate (WA) members discussing what it takes to succeed as an Online Entrepreneur. It was a discussion that I have had many, many times, both online and offline.

It reminded me that the deal-breaker for success in our business is not the technical or the lack of training. It is the fact that most people do not fully grasp that your mindset IS your vehicle to get you to your goals.

If you do not manage it well, it will result in you failing.

Absorb the Essence of Being an Entrepreneur

This may be a "side hustle" for you. while I do not like the term, I do recognise that many people start out with approach.

Being an entrepreneur is no "side hustle". It takes git and muscle and a commit to yourself, your learning and your development.


Because I guarantee you that there WILL come a time when you have to face some really tough times alone. Even with the support of our global WA village behind you, there will be decisions that only you can make.

You have to bear the risks that come with starting and building a business.

When you create your idea, your longing, your desire and you actually start to breathe life into it, it becomes a part of you.

Unlike a child who may leave your nest at some point, unless you sell your business or choose to let it go, it will always be with you.

It absorbs itself into your being.

What You Attract is What Will Become Abundant

The fundamental thing that you must understand when you embark on this journey is that you need to ensure that your mindset is aligned with your journey.

Do not take your body and leave your mind elsewhere. I experience many people doing that.

You may SAY you want success but you do not THINK that you deserve success.

With that disconnect, it will never happen. If you experience some, it will be short-lived and not consistent or sustainable.

EVERY SINGLE DAY you MUST confidently tell yourself that you deserve success and you WILL take the action that is necessary.

Our Business Requires Discipline

This business is not hard. Kyle reminds us of that all the time.

There are 3 easy steps to get started.

What makes it hard is your approach to discipline and the power of your mind.

  • Waking up 1 hour earlier every day for a year may be hard for you.
  • Writing a blog post every day may be hard for you.
  • Researching keywords may be hard for you.

If you keep telling yourself that, your mind will believe you and you will continue to work AGAINST yourself.

But, if you embrace the work and find joy in the journey, knowing that success is within reach, you will embrace all that is required and be ready to revel in the glory of your blessings.

It's the second day of the second month. The first quarter of 2021 will soon be over.

Have a positively engaging day!


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Thanks, Cassi, for the positivity. This message is very true and it impacts all of us.

Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or you think you can't - you're right." - sorry I did not see others had already quoted this, but it is very true.

We are the ones who tell ourselves what to do and how to accomplish it. As you say there are many days where it is only us and it is our choice. WE ARE THE BOSS.

The Boss is always right.

Unfortunately, for this type of business, the boss can often be wrong - when we tell ourselves that it will not matter if we do not get it done today, after all, we are the boss.....

It has taken me a long time to get past this mindset (still working on it). In my previous career, I had no difficulty putting in the hours and then relaxing when possible.

With an online business - there is always something that needs doing and relaxing should only come as a reward after the completion of a task. Not, "because I think I deserve it"



Alex, I welcome your thoughts and your approach to being the Boss of our business.

We work so hard for others yet we struggle to find that purpose and dedication when doing it for ourselves.

Thank you so very much for sharing.


Exactly, we allow ourselves to do less for ourselves, where we would not do the same when working for someone else.

I could not agree more with your message in this post Cassi.

Everything starts first with becoming aware (a thought of course triggered in many different ways) followed by more thoughts that instruct our subconscious mind to deliver an outcome that could be useful or useless depending on where we allow our conscious thoughts to go.

The challenge most of us have is that of consistently being positive with our thoughts; not allowing doubts and negativity to creep in.

Again, awareness is a key ... we cannot stop thoughts arriving from our subconscious, but with practice, we can notice when they are not useful and immediately change them to something more useful.

This is bang on, Richard:

"awareness is a key ... we cannot stop thoughts arriving from our subconscious, but with practice, we can notice when they are not useful and immediately change them to something more useful."

So very, very true.

Thank you.

Yes, I agree -- mindset is very important.

Though I don't blog every day, as research takes up some time and getting the post ready to publish takes some more time. I am not even counting in writing time. I have made a commitment to post twice a week, no matter what. It is something I can stick to, so that's what I'm doing.

Good going, Fran.

I do not have the time to post as often as I used to but I will do my best to stick to at least 3 times a week.

The business side of things is growing really fast now. 🙂


Con gr YOU ency,
CONGRUENCY, congr You in the middle, SEE!

YOU in the middle, or it will be truancy, which is when you are MIA,

-Missing In Action--I know because I was there!
Going through the motion, but sinking in the ocean!

Maybe I will quote myself with the above statements a little later in a post?
It's just weird, or is it Congruent?... As in ATTRACT an item of Congr-U-ence? ... That I've been contemplating what you are talking about Cassi, and you are sending out a wonderful writing on the same essence. Mmm! Like great dark chocolate, or something that just fits perfectly into place and makes it all work as it's supposed to, YOU!
Many thanks, Cassi, you are one of a kind One-derfull,
Love, love, love Suzay

Hi Suzay
In my comment elsewhere I talked about the challenge of consistency.

I agree with you, and would now add that congruency is equally important, and is also a challenge for most people.

Thank you :-)


So very good to hear from you and to get your feedback.
It makes good sense.

I love the Con gr YOU ency. 🙂

Thank you for sharing and your kind words.


I agree, Richard.
Congruency is hard for many people to achieve.

It took me a long time to get all my ducks in a row. 🙂🤦‍♀️


and again, awareness is the starting point. ... especially for Mother duck!

Thank you Richard!
I struggled with it myself, because if I could really become fully integrated,and healed inside (healing the splits and traumas),and not against myself, nothing holding myself back, not even me! Drop the addiction to distraction, and heal it, so I don't even want it. It is done!
Since the past is an illusion but powerful in it's ability to keep you from your future. Freed from family of origin issues! It's done, and what a burden has lifted,
Hey, and I am an energy healer, and have helped many people, and even their pets, but happened big time to me, as well. It is done!
Con gr YOU ency is the result, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
It made me so clear about WA, my talents , my value I have to give to the world. Thank you for listening with your heart to all of this,and Cassi's post.
Congruence is also in synchronicity with every thing in life, and it shows up immediately, so that's a lovely benefit as well.
I the say that, universe goes shopping for me.


I adore you Cassi! You have really lifted up my head a few times when I needed help and could not seem to figure stuff out. Thank you, thank you!

I think to be successful at almost anything mindset is a major part of the battle. Education talent, opportunity, resources all don’t help a great deal if one has a defeated or negative mindset. Thanks for your article.

You are very welcome, Jim.

I much prefer having a killer mindset to push me through the tough times and keep me moving forward.
The technical learning and support can be acquired much easier when needed.

Thank you for sharing.

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