Year 2 At Wealthy Affiliate - Throw Me To The Wolves

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Well, it's here. The last month of 2020. That magical time of the year when the gift of giving takes precedence and we look to friends and family to celebrate, reminisce and find hope.

This December, I have moved quickly into year 2 at Wealthy Affiliate (WA), casting my anchors away to throw me to the wolves.

This is the year that I am focusing on 2 critical online business factors, traffic and, income.

Let's face it.

What is the point of having an online business if no one knows about it and, no one buys your products?

I am not one to hold on to negatives and reasons why not. Instead, I always focus on the possibilities and finding creative ways to make things happen.

4 Important Lessons From Wolves

Wolves are pack animals and their behaviours provide many examples of good leadership and how to not only survive, but thrive.

I have titled my Sophomore year at WA University my "Wolf Year" and these lessons are guides to grow and strengthen my online businesses.

1. Grow Organically

Many of the leaders of packs of wolves got there simply by mating and producing more pups which ultimately became their pack. This creates a deeper sense of loyalty, bonding and commitment.

Growing your business organically has the same effect.

Once you have a quality website offering quality content, products and services and you extend an engaging User Experience (UX) you will enjoy growth in your traffic and ultimately, you sales.

If you niche is in the MMO market, WA for example, and you are increasing your Referrals, remember that your role is to train, support and coach them to success.

2. Always Be On The Hunt

The leader of the wolf pack is always in defend mode and hunting to lead the group towards the first sign of prey.

As the leader of your business, you should always be learning and looking out for new or better ways to "feed" your business and yourself. Never allow yourself to become so hungry that you have to function from a position of desperation.

That is when you are at your weakest and most vulnerable making it easy for others to take you over.

3. Find Your Strength Inwardly

Wolves find their strength from the collective behaviour of the pack. Decisions are rarely made by the leader of the pack alone.

We are very fortunate to have the strength of a community pack of over 2 million members here at WA. That is extremely powerful.

However, it will only benefit you if you nurture it, participate, ask questions and support others. That is how you bond and create the glue that will hold you together at the time you may need it most.

There will be tough times and having this awesome community around you is priceless

4. Lead From Behind

This is perhaps what I consider to be the most powerful lesson.

The 3 wolves in the red circle are the weakest in the pack. If anything happens to them, everyone knows.

Do you see the blue arrow? That's the leader of the pack.

He keeps the pack together and on track and is always ready to run in any direction to protect his pack. He makes sure that no one is left behind.

In most packs, he is the wisest, strongest and yet, the humblest of them all.

No matter how big your pack grows and how much success you may achieve, always stay humble and thankful.

These are lessons that we live amongst at WA.

Black Friday Sale Extended At WA

Working online can be dangerous and lonely.

There are a lot of scammers out there promising to make you rich overnight and happy to take your hard-earned money for those false promises.

Starting an online business is not rocket-science but it also will not happen overnight. The most effective way to get started is to do so with a community that is made up of successful Digital Entrepreneurs from all over the world.

If there is something you want to do, you can find it being done here at WA and we are open to helping you find your path, your niche and your success.

Take advantage of our extended Black Friday Sale, today!.


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Recent Comments


Cassi, super visualisation of the responsibility we have for those we bring into the online marketing arena, and how we should treat our business.

We are all role models!

To succeed we have to always be aware of the trends in our line of business and share that information with our fellow "pack members".

Thank you for sharing, Cassi😊


I really like your summary, Roy.
It reaffirms our responsibility.

Thank you very much.

Those are all great pieces of very important information, and thanks for sharing them Cassi!

I also like your wolf pack analogy - and that is a good way to make your points clear.

Having clear goals and objectives along with sound plans combined with adequate systems and resources - and the addition of applied consistent action is a powerful force.

Myself, I model much of what I am working to build on a warship organization structure and how the crew works together following a very specific order and sequence which is highly effective.

I also like Napolean Hill's work and especially his way of describing and explaining what a mastermind alliance is and how it works.

Throw in a little W. Edwards Deming and a touch of Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn and you can probably figure out my approach to work, business, and life.

I loved your post - and thanks for the information Cassi.

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell

You are very welcome, Ld!

I fully support everything that you have shared.
Demming's worked shaped my career. 🙂

Thank you for sharing.

Wonderful post Cassi. I don't know if I have it all down but of recent I have found myself tucking my head down, forging ahead, refusing to be distracted by those shiny objects spam or not.

I just know this one is mine and I don't want to split my time. That will simply slow down the process and will reduce the quality of my work.

Candy Benn

Excellent decision. Candy!

Steer the course at WA and success will befall you.

Cassi is a Great example of Success!!
In one year 187 WA posts and surely very many posts on the websites.

I admire that kind of work.
Commitment is such a wonderful class.

When I think, for example, my own goal is to have 450 words written every day, it is only 10 posts a month.

That's very little, I have to become a better writer.
Great job Cassi indeed!!


You are already becoming a better writer, Timo.

Keep steady and don't push yourself too hard.

I consider myself honoured to be a part of your wolf pack here at WA Cassi. This piece was beautifully written and truly inspirational ... as usual :) All well deserved praise aside, you have given really valid guidelines for us to follow in order to achieve and maintain success.

Thanks for sharing

You are very welcome, Roberta.

Thank you for your support.

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