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Last Update: June 28, 2021

One of the main attractions of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is the many opportunities to build a diverse online income portfolio. WA is the investment bank of the internet.

IF you:

  • follow the training,
  • implement as you go,
  • follow other successful members,
  • ask the right questions,
  • practice within the WA community,
  • add your unique creative touch and,
  • remain consistent

then, success is inevitable.

    Many WA members, including me, are using what they learn at WA to change how they work and earn. They are not limiting themselves to Affiliate Marketing only.

    Rupert just got a new job and is changing the way his company uses their digital tools because of what he learned at WA.

    SEO Experts Earn $10,000+

    In March 2021, shared that I was offered $45,000. for the sale of one of my domains.

    There was no intent on my part to sell the domain and website. Rather, I wanted to get an idea of its market value. So, I went through the process.

    A US-based company grabbed the opportunity and made me an initial offer of $45,000 to purchase. I was, of course, jumping off the moon.

    After sharing that I was not selling it, we went back and forth with a couple of counteroffers. I decided to put a strong foot forward and offered them my services to build their brand and grow their online impact.

    They welcomed the opportunity but after the 1st week in June, I did not hear from them and concluded that the opportunity had died.

    Then, they sent me an email with a proposed agreement to provide keyword research services for 1 year.

    I had no idea what fees were applicable but from research, I realised those good SEO Advisers, Consultants and Experts earn 5 and 6-figure income on each engagement.

    Agreement Signed - I'm An SEO Advisor

    Last week, time was limited at WA. I was just able to have a wee exchange with Carson in Live Chat about our WA platform changes before things got really hectic.

    After some changes, a couple of Zoom calls and A LOT of research, I finally signed the SEO services agreement on Friday to welcome a new client.

    The great news is that:

    1. I will be earning a lot more than $45,000 for this engagement and,
    2. It is the initial engagement.

    Of course, I am using Jaaxy and all the support resources we have here at WA.

    My intention is to blow this out of the park and expand with other services.

    Build Diverse Income Streams

    So often I see the question being asked:

    "How can I make money with this?"

    My response is always to change the script and ask:

    "What income stream should I start building first?"

    Eugene shares a lot of information and ideas about multiple income streams. You can also follow other WA members who are doing this successfully and decide how you want to structure your business.

    Success IS possible and more so, sooner than you think. You just need to be consistent and work diligently on building your business.

    Do have a productive week!


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    Suzay Premium Plus
    Cassi Shooting Star, blazing across the Sky, Unforgettable Inspirer!

    I've got star dust in my eyes reading this post,

    and wondering how much can I light up the skies when it is my

    turn to step up to the plate?

    The mindset of "I'm Possible!"
    And the heart set of With God, and I am His Child, ALL things ARE POSSIBLE.

    CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
    Keep preparing, Suzay.
    It WILL come and I am very certain of it.

    Once we remain dedicated and consistent, we will succeed.

    Thank you for all your kind words.

    CordeliaN Premium
    Cassie oh Cassie,
    Yet again you have shown a truly remarkable side to your personality and business.

    You are unbelievably inspirational

    This is a real Woop Woop moment.
    Huge congratulations and long may you continue to delve, dig, and build your skills.

    One thing I am curious about, you mentioned you spoke to Carson in live chat about WA platform changes! What made you ask the question? did you think there might be an impact that may have negative connotations on your potential contract with your new client
    CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
    Cordelia, you are such a gem and always so very supportive.

    Carson was in Live Chat talking about the new platform changes which were being rolled out that day.
    I was there for a little while and just caught a few exchanges with the members who were there.

    I do like the new "look and feel" and look forward to many more.

    Thank you for your support, always.

    etseil20 Premium Plus
    Hi Cassi,

    What a great post! It’s amazing what kind of opportunities can come our way, simply by utilizing WA and taking action on the training.

    The skills we acquire and learn today can open up many doors down the road.

    Congrats on your recent achievement- that’s great to hear.

    All the best, and like you said earlier: stay consistent!

    CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
    That is important, Eric - staying consistent.

    I have worked in and on my business every day since I started in October 2019.
    Some days investing more hours than others.

    But, that is what is required with any business to succeed.

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I wish you the very best as well.

    Jessiefido Premium Plus
    Firstly, my sincerest congratulations on achieving this latest milestone in your online business journey Cassi.

    You are the definition of hard work, perseverance, consistency and putting everything that we learn here to the best use possible.

    The options for success on the internet are limitless, and I wish you much more continued success for the future my friend, which I have no doubt you will achieve!
    CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
    The possibilities are limitless, Nick!

    It is truly up to each one of us to capitalise on everything that we are paying for.
    All it takes is some dedication and determination.

    Thank you for your support.

    Jessiefido Premium Plus
    Absolutely my friend, and you're always welcome!
    RichardHomer Premium
    Hey Cassi girl, Doc here, well blow me down pick me up and spank me for not paying attention to this SEO stuff. Congratulations on your take off to success, that is super amazing, kudos to you, you just made me change my socks, must look into this SEO and digital marketing stuff.

    To your success Cassi
    I'm Bamboozelled
    CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
    Richard, there are a lot of opportunities in SEO and a lot of money to be made.

    I wrote about SEO over a year ago when I was now starting to learn about it. Neil Patel and Partha are the ones who got me to deep dive and really see the possibilities.

    Go for it, I say!!

    Thank you for your kind words.