How Do You Become Confident? Wealthy Affiliate Has The 1 Sure Way

Last Update: October 24, 2020

Self-confidence was not my best friend in my youth. It took me years to shed the skin of self-doubt and low self-esteem. My skin was thick from years of personal struggle and mishaps which had accumulated and festered.

It was only in 1996, when I travelled to New Zealand and discovered a behavioural change process called action-methods, that I began to vigorously strip myself of those unwanted layers.

I learned how to be self-confident.

Not Knowing Strips Your Self-Confidence

When I eventually changed my relationship with my self-confidence, my self-esteem grew leaps and bounds. I began to let go of what was holding me back - and down.

While learning action-methods in New Zealand, I used myself as a guinea pig. I learned everything I could about action methods and applied a great deal to my own life.

Prior to that, the life skills I depended on were survival skills.

After learning how to be self-confident, I acquired new life skills that allowed me to progress and grow, personally and professionally.

The turning point was being made aware of what was holding me back. I really did not know.

That awareness though, drove me to learning and discovery.

Today, I coach and develop others and help them to make personal and professional transitions in their own lives. In essence, I support their learning.

WA Educates And Boosts Your Confidence

Fast-track to 2019 and my entry into Wealthy Affiliate (WA). There I was thinking that because I was a qualified Programmer and Systems Analyst, this would be easy.

Sure! Think again!

I soon realised that I knew very little about the internet, social media, online business, blogging or affiliate marketing.

Did my self-confidence take a deep dive?

Yes! Yes, it did.

Did I allow it to stay low?

No! No, I did not.

I applied my self-development skill of learning and committed myself to knowing as much as I possibly could. My Freshman year was dedicated to learning, 75% of the time.

By taking responsibility for my education, I have again boosted my self-confidence. I am still VERY far from where I want to be and I know that I have years of learning ahead of me.

However, with the support, training and resources that are available right here, I am now in a position to share my knowledge and what I have learned - and earn an income too.

What a confidence booster that is!

Keep Learning And Build Your Self-Confidence

Just think.

Without a formal education, degree or MBA you can learn to build a successful and reputable online business right here at WA.

And, as your business grows, so will your self-confidence. As you become known and recognised, your self-confidence will grow even more.

The learning that you have access to here at WA IS your number 1 confidence booster! Make the best use of it.

To understand more about why building your self-confidence is critical to your success, I have shared an introductory tutorial, Self-Confidence 101.

Has your self-confidence increased since you joined WA? Let us know.


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roysinOnline Premium Plus
Great article, Cassi 😊. I have had a life that has forced me to "come out" of my shell, but it has been a struggle. And it still is. But I have learned one thing, and that is to keep going, keep going, keep going.

Ten years ago, I had a life-changing event which turned my life completely around and I felt like being sent out in the thin ice of a big lake together with my wife. It was a struggle every day, grinding on self-confidence and the belief that there could be an end to the everyday fight for "survival" or not.(in lack of a better word).

Fast-forwarding to present, day, WA has been a pivoting moment of my life. My self-confidence has generally speaking been good throughout my life, but with its ups and downs. But after joining WA in March this year, things have changed quite dramatically. I am growing on a personal level like I couldn´t imagine. I have been able to tap into my inner resources in a completely new way, and as Ingrid says in her comment, doing it at your own pace

I am seeing things in a completely new way after my WA moment in March this year

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Wow, Roy!

I so love the way you and Ingrid have described your experiences and how WA has contributed to your growth and development.
It is easy for me to identify and agree with you both.

WA has given me new wings and I am enjoying the flight. 😊

Thank you for sharing.
roysinOnline Premium Plus
I love your analogy, Cassi;

"WA has given me new wings and I am enjoying the flight". 😊

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Thank you, Roy. 😊
Babou3 Premium
Self-confidence is an important part of our personal construction. Confidence in myself must have been earned long before I got to WA. When I opened my therapy practice. Because the children I care for count on me and I had to become much more sure in my words and in my actions.

But I think on the internet, it's yet another kind of self-confidence that I had to gain. Because when we start something new, we always have doubts and questions. So WA allowed me to erase a lot of doubts and allowed me to develop myself as I liked it and at the pace that I wanted.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
You have framed this so admirably, Ingrid.

Confidence is transferable and lights the way for lesser travelled paths.

Thank you for sharing.
BillandSue Premium
Hi Cassi,
Many self-improvement characteristics have greatly improved my life since we joined Wealthy Affiliate over 5 years ago.

I know very well I have quite a way to go to reach my goal of better self-expression. thus being able to help others in a more positive way.

Thanks for sharing.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
That is awesome, Bill!
5 years!

I can't wait. 🙂

Thank you for sharing.
1Rudy1 Premium
Action-methods sounds interesting...
You said-
"As you become known and recognised, your self-confidence will grow even more."

That is my Achilles heel.

With more recognition, comes the responsibility of maintaining continuity. Once there, you can't go back. There is a level of expectation and, for me, that is a trigger.

My website and marketing confidence has improved. I have overcome some resistance around finishing certain tasks, literally pushing myself through until completion. I felt unusually good about the finished product.

Survival skills, as yes, know them well.
And it is amazing, once we become aware, of how much we did not know.

I need to finish that linked training. I had bookmarked it, but had not yet returned.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Action-methods for behavioural change is dynamic, consuming and, for me, the best way to learn, Rudy.

Some elements are simple yet so profound and impactful.
The kind of experiences that make you go:
"Aaaha! Why didn't I see that?"

You know your Achilles Heel, break it down, digest it slowly and begin your transformation.
Don't over-think it or make it more complicated than it is.

Thank you very much for sharing.
I wish you continued strength along your journey.

1Rudy1 Premium
Thanjs, Cassi. Yes, I know what it is...the A heel....grin.
I have my computer back, fixed the missing drive situation, and can hunker down to write about ten articles....

Thanks for the encouragement!

Twack Premium
This one of the reasons I feel that the WA blog is so vitally important. Many join and are then faced with the task of having to write content and lots of it, yet some may have never written anything of substance prior to coming here.

WA has such a 'warm' audience and one that supports everyone as they endeavour to get to grips with writing. You can see the confidence growing through their words.

I was one who had not written anything more than a couple of letters since leaving (unceremoniously) school.
Were it not for the community being so welcoming and understanding, I might not have had the confidence to write as I now do (that's right, you all have to take responsibility for my posts 🤣)
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Twack, I really struggled to write, when I first joined WA.
As I quietly read the posts from our members, I wondered what I had gotten myself into and if I had bitten off more than I could chew.

Apart from blogging, there were deep friendships here and I could feel the connections moving across the platform.

As you have said, my writing has developed over the past year and the main thing that helped me with that is the support and feedback from our WA Community.

I am confident enough now to share snippets about me - inside - my thoughts, feelings and dreams.
I know that they will travel into cyberspace but launching them from this safe platform makes all the difference for me.

Thank you for sharing.
Twack Premium
You are very welcome. It's all about perception, as I would have thought you were an experienced writer from the 'get-go'.

As for the friendships and connections, it's a funny one, a different kind of relationship, with it being 'virtual', there is a fragility to it, as it has its roots in words and as much as there is power therein, it lacks that something of substance that is part of real-life interaction.

As we have seen time and time again, when reality comes knocking we step across the threshold instantly, many never return and before you know it they are but a distant memory. Looking back over posts that are more than four years old is quite surreal, as rarely is there a face that you can recognise.

Sorry, didn't mean to come across as sounding cynical, I just try to keep it 'real' as much as possible, even when it's virtual, quite the paradox.