Going From AdSense To EZOIC - The Best UX, Traffic Growth And MONETIZATION

Last Update: June 29, 2022

Before I Dive In (Pun Intended)

I trust that you are all keeping safe, well and dry.

The Hurricane (Rainy) Season in the Caribbean started on 1 June and will run until 30 November. I love the Rainy Season but because the Earth has been ill-treated, our flooding gets worse every year.

The Season is predicted to be overly active and yesterday, a Potential Tropical Cyclone (PCT) passed over our islands. A Storm Watch was in effect until about 11 PM last night.

We still have intermittent heavy rainfall today and there has been flooding in the South of the island.

Any dramatic weather in your part of the world?

Not Google-Eyed About AdSense

In Wealthy Affiliate's (WA) Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training, Level 3, Lesson 7, you learn how you can start getting paid for ads on your website by joining Google AdSense.

This is one of the things that I would change in our training. It comes too early.

I was one of those who rushed into joining Google AdSense. A couple of hundred dollars came my way. Nothing to write a blog about.

The biggest drawback for me, however, was the impact it had on my website's User Experience (UX). It made my site painfully slow and my traffic suffered as a result.

I eventually left Google AdSense, continued building traffic and got my traffic on the right trajectory.

Prince Partha's Ad Recommendations

As you all know, I am a religious follower of Prince Partha's Potions. (I also live in the Islands and since he bestowed the title 'Lady of the Islands' on me, I feel obligated.)

Back in June 2021, (the 8th to be exact), he provide a blog post response to Simone titled, 'Parth's "Journey" and Tips.

Towards the end, he gave this insightful "tip":

My mind played around with these words for days and weeks. I researched both Ezoic and Mediavine. Mediavine was rested to the side because they require website traffic of a minimum of 50,000 sessions per month.

I was nowhere near that.

BUT, thanks to following the Prince's Potions, I was seeing my traffic increasing, first monthly, then weekly and then daily.

Things were looking up.

Welcome To Ezoic Access Now!

Unlike, Mediavine, Ezoic offers 2 levels for site monetization through the placement of ads on your website.

  1. Access Now for websites with less than 10,000 visitors and,
  2. Levels for websites with over 10,000 visitors.

Now, at the end of June 2022, with an average of 3,000 impressions per month, I have made a decision to join Ezoic with my first website.

I have been on the Ezoic platform learning and understanding how this all works and what it will mean for my website, UX and revenue. It is proving to be an exciting opportunity and I am looking forward to utilizing all their resources to build my business - and my traffic.


Ezoic supports your growth and your efforts, much like WA. That excites me even more.

What about you? How are your monetization efforts going?


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Linda103 Premium
If you have to pay the company surely that is counter productive? We are trying to earn money not spend out even more. Its great for those earning well from their sites but if nothing is coming in, or very little another expense cannot be justified.
Yes AdSense is rubbish and constantly glitchy but surely there must be sites that don't charge.
Would be nice to read about free resources.
deelilah Premium Plus
Brave browser pays you to watch ads. You pick because somebody has something to sell that you want to learn about.
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Hi Linda,

You do not pay Ezoic directly for the service.
They work like AdSense.

The premium version allows for subscriptions.

Thank you for sharing.
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Donna, I do not know about Brave browser but will have a look at what is involved.

Thank you.
Linda103 Premium
Thank you for clarifying that.
All I found was a trial subscription and payment plans.
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
You are welcome, Linda.
Jenny28 Premium
Hi Cassi,
I have been thinking about Ezoic for a while.
The thing that has me concerned is having to change name servers as well as how it affects sitespeed.
It’s definitely something I want to look into, and take the next step.
Adsense horribly affected my speed and I made pennies, not worth it.
Keep us updated with how Ezoic is working for you.
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
I will definitely do that, Jenny, and may also reach out to Partha(B), who has much more experience using Ezoic.

Thank you.
Zoopie Premium
Funny you say that. I have one ste that I’m going to try Ezoic out on.
The thing I like is that they work with you ( or so they say) and help with speed etc.
So I’m interested to see how you go with it as well.
But I looked at Adsense and some sites that are using it. I have heard about the speed problems and also the ad placements just look damned ugly.

Anyway keep us posted about how you go.
But I will definitely set up one site…my ESL site is 90% informational, and this will give me a chance to get some money back.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
I will look forward to hearing about how you get on as well, Stephen.

Yes, all my research and feedback point to how Ezoic works with you and supports you.
I am looking forward to that.

Thanks for sharing.
RoweM1 Premium
Thanks Cassi, for your insight about Ezoic.

I've limited AdSense to one position because I am running Amazon native ads, this is for my first website.

I am hoping that more visitors would click on amazon ads to buy than allow Adsense all over my website.

Having seen Jay's live class about ads monetization, I may consider Ezoic later on.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Everyone keeps mentioning Jay's recent training on ad monetization.
I am going to look at it now.

Thanks for sharing, Rowe!
FrankB-1 Premium Plus
Hi, Cassi

I'm happy to hear that Ezoic is working out for you.

I have been thinking of changing from AdSense to Ezoic for a while now. I put AdSense on my site as an opportunity for learning when I was getting about 5,000 visits a month.

I hit 6,500 visits a month and then I got dinged a little, probably with Google's new algorithm, and went down to about 6,000 visits a month, but I'm climbing back up again.

I didn't like ads all over my content so I shut off the Adsense auto-populate feature and put HTML code for ads in three sidebar widgets and activated their anchor ad.

This, of course, caused a significant income drop but I want my website to give an excellent user experience.

I might wait a while and change to Ezoic when I can go into the over 10,000 visits a month category and do it just once, so probably sometime next year.

You're doing great! Keep on going!
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
I thought about waiting to hit the 10K mark.
However, one of the things that I am doing is using all that I am learning with this niche site to create content for my MMO site.

So, I am using it as a bit of a guinea pig.
For example, I am now writing a blog post for that site about why I left AdSense and how I decided on Ezoic.

Let's see if Ezoic delivers what it promises. 🤔

Thank you for sharing.
FrankB-1 Premium Plus
It sounds like a great idea, Cassi! 👍

I'll be very interested in hearing how you make out!