$896. In Affiliate INCOME To Reinvest! Cassi Of Troy Continues To EXPAND

Last Update: Jul 29, 2022

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I changed the cover image for this blog post 3 times. I settled on these magnificent hot air balloons. They reflect more about how I feel today and the week of success that continues to fill up and rise.

My Love For Content & Affiliate Marketing Keeps Growing

This profession - our profession - is a magnificent one! Damn!

What other business keeps growing income for you in unexpected places?

This week, I "discovered" $896.00 in Affiliate income that I completely forgot about.

I will talk more about my investment in Copyediting later but for now, pay attention to the

$896.00 in my 'PWA Bank'.

Okay, so it's not anything like the $9,800.00 that Prince Partha earned in July 2022, BUT I could be surpassing that and not yet know.

You gotta LOVE our business!

AWAI Affiliate Income > PWA Bank

I learned Copywriting with AWAI - American Writers and Artists - and became a member of their sister organisation, PWA - Professional Writers - in 2019. That experience helped me to understand what Nathaniell was speaking about when I came across his website in October 2019.

In 2021, I realised that AWAI has an Affiliate Program and I joined.

My Affiliate links are very subtly woven into only a few of my blog posts. A slight reference for my Visitors to understand that I am a professional Writer and I earn income as a Content & Affiliate Marketer.

  • Nothing "in your face".
  • No selling.
  • No misleading advertising.
  • Nothing underhanded.
  • No "noise".
  • Quiet. Simple. Clear.

This week, I asked to join PWA's 1st Copyediting cohort.

Natalia replied with that email, informing me that I had $896.00 in my PWA Bank from earned AWAI Affiliate income.

Now, how cool is that?!?!?!?

  • Trust the process.
  • Follow the training.
  • Invest the time and effort.
  • DO THE WORK!!!!
  • DO THE WORK!!!
  • Be consistent.

Change YOUR Script!


Recent Comments


Great work Cassi! You are certainly a model of how to work this business, one that I can only hope to follow in your footsteps as I progress in this journey!


Keep applying yourself and you will do well, Mike.

Thank you.

Thank you


You are welcome, Mike.

That's way cool, Cassi, but it does not surprise me at all! 👍👍

I love hearing about your accomplishments! You're a constant inspiration to us all, if I may be so bold as to speak for the WA community. 😊

You & Partha both Rock! 🔥🎸🔥

P.S. I love the balloons, too. 😎

Thank you, Frank.

I am humbled that you place me next to the Prince.
However, I have a long way to go.

I will get there though. 🙂


That feels great Cassi, wonderful 💐💐

Thank you, Sijith.

What a wonderful surprise! Cassi, you are truly a success story!


We ALL are, Barbara.

We just do not know it yet. 😉

Thank you.

Thanks, Cassi!


Good going Cassi :)

Thank you very much, Joe!

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