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Last Update: February 02, 2019

So I have not fallen off the face of the Earth, if anyone was wondering.

I have not been on the Wa platform much lately and have missed a lot.

That does not mean that I have not been busy working and building. I am a bit behind with building my content but that will soon be remedied.

Because of my life situation, I have had to prioritize and put all my efforts into my small but steadily growing brick and mortar business. This will eventually all fit in with my WA websites, but right now there are opportunities, I can't afford to miss and that will help me moving forward in all areas of business.

One of the most important aspects of building is laying the foundations and this includes time spent networking and establishing the type of relationships that will endure.

It is exciting to be able to see progress and to know that time and hard work pay off.

Sometimes it feels as though we are chasing our tails and never seem to gain headway or see results but, if we keep pushing forward, looking out for opportunities and staying positive, we begin to see results, small at first but then it starts to snowball and before you know it the momentum is there.

That is when we seem to have that break through and to stop and take a breather at this point would probably not be the best move as we would lose momentum and have to start all over again. It will feel as though it had all been for nothing and be very discouraging.

If you are feeling this way, I am sure that if you stick with it your break through will be just around the next corner. Keep building and pushing through whatever barriers are trying to get in your way.

All the best everyone, Cass

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RoseAnn1234 Premium
Hi Cass nice to hear from you again. Great message. Sometimes it is hard to keep going when times get tough, but you are correct. We need to keep at it.
Cass51 Premium
Hi there Kerry, thank you and hope you are enjoying your laptop lifestyle:)
SnazzyIT Premium
Hi Cass, so good to see you are still around, starting to wonder where all my kiwi friends have gone leaving me to make friends with Auzzies here lol...anyway I for one totally get it about your brick and mortar and you have my full support here :)
Cass51 Premium
Malo my friend, as amazing as some of our Auzzie friends are, I am still here and trying to keep the kiwi minority alive and well in WA lol Thanks for stopping by, and for your support.
Babou3 Premium
Great post!
Discouragement can overcome us so easily,
even if we are very motivated.
The imporatnt thing is to know how to raise
the head, keep on learning and move forward.

Great to see you here!
Cass51 Premium
Thank you Ingrid it is vital that we do keep moving, no matter how slowly towards our goals. Nice to see you here too, and all the best Cass
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Excellent grist for the mill Cass, laying the foundation even if it takes time can be one of the best things we can do.

When the break throughs come, one if the best things we can do is to keep charging, to cement things in place.

Have a great week.

Cass51 Premium
Hi Alex, thank you. Patience is something I have to work at as it honestly does not come naturally, but I do see the wisdom in taking the time to lay those strong foundations. You have a great week too! Cheers Cass
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Cassbomb
I just watched an incredible speech by Arnold Swarcheneggar on youtube and he mentions breaking through all the barriers and now I read this tonight
Motivation plus my friend
Thank you
Cass51 Premium
Thanks Vicki, we all need a little motivation from time to time. Thanks for kicking my butt when I need it lol.
Cheers Cass
Vickic3 Premium
Build build build and watch the magic happen Cass :)
You are doing great