WA Member Rank - Update Explained

Last Update: March 20, 2013
Today we ran a fairly major update to our WA Member rank and if you check out your rank you will most likely see that it has changed.

First I’d like to explain exactly what WA Member rank is, how it’s calculated, and why it’s important to the WA community.

What is WA Member Rank?

WA member rank is our own internal ranking system inside Wealthy Affiliate. A member’s rank will determine how active that member is within WA and it can give others insight into WHO is helping them. The higher the Rank, the more active and helpful this user is within the system.

When you are getting help from someone with a high rank, you can be sure that they know what they are talking about, and that they are an active part of Wealthy Affiliate and have helped many others. You can be sure that the user has not been reported for SPAM, they have many “likes” on their comments, and others have felt that the user is helpful too. There is no way to get to the top of the rankings if others have not found that you are helpful too. Although we do not have a “review” system for Members, member rank takes into consideration how others interact with you, and whether they find your content helpful.

How to Improve Your Rank?

Plain and simple.. help others, contribute, and be active within Wealthy Affiliate. The community at WA is a place where people help one another in a pay-it-forward manner. I help you, then you help someone else, and they can help someone else! There is no community like this in the Online business world, and it not only makes WA unique, it makes it the most helpful out there.

Here are some ways to improve your Rank:

  • Ask questions
  • Answer questions
  • Create blog posts
  • Create and reply to Classroom discussions
  • Create training
  • Hang out in live chat
  • Referring others to WA
  • Sharing WA
  • Being Premium (premium members get a bump in rank)

In other words, engage in Wealthy Affiliate.

Quality makes a big difference

Posting “hello”, versus writing an engaging and helpful reply makes a difference in your rank. Getting people to visit, comment, and like your blogs, discussions, and training is all taken into consideration.

We have Big plans for Member Rank

Member rank is going to be used a lot more and it is going to unlock doors for folks that have, and maintain a high rank. We want the top members in WA who are actively engaged with others to have opportunities that can help their businesses flourish. There are many future features of WA that we have plans for that take rank into consideration. Bottom line is, the more active you are, the BETTER Wealthy Affiliate will be for you.

For the Gamers

In this most recent algorithm update we’ve added measures that prevent people who are spammy, or seem to be gaming the system. QUALITY is what we’re after, and as we continue to evolve our ranking system it will be more and more difficult for people to GAME their way to the top.

...But please do not be afraid of this. We HIGHLY encourage interaction and do not want ANYONE to fear being punished for their activity at WA. If your intentions are to help others and contribute, then you will be just fine, and your rank will showcase this!

I’d love your feedback on the overall WA Ranks have changed and whether you went up or down?

I’m all ears :)

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findingemo Premium
Hi Carson,

This is good to know, some people were asking about it earlier today, now I have a place to direct them too.

My rank went way up, I was undoubtedly surprised.

However, I love it here at WA and since the day I joined, I have been in here every single day. (And I can't have a conversation with someone who's not a member, without letting them know about it here). I may not be the best at trainings (I'm working on the confidence factor) answering questions, outside of pointing people in the right direction or welcoming them, but I am here interacting and doing my best everyday.

So, if me chatting away with all my silly questions in chat for everyone to see is helpful, well then I'm glad to help :).

Thanks again to you and Kyle for making WA such a great place to be....:)
Carson Premium
Helping people find things here in WA by pointing them in the right direction is a really big deal! There is a lot of info and when we have helpful people like yourself who spread the word about where to find things, it really helps a lot :)
thanks alot because was shooting for #1...then my ranking went way up..i thought i had feel way back..LOL..LOL.
Carson Premium
Being a premium member will help your rank a lot, as will blogging, creating discussions, and being active in WA chat.
kalg Premium
Cool, although I may offer help and ask questions, I would also challenge others to watch what they say they will do, because I will hold you accountable if I see some ambition! hehe

Words are cheaper by the dozen and inaction costs!

Labman Premium
My rank dropped a bit. Guess I needed to make room for those with a greater knowledge base. I'm not horribly upset though. I have tried to contribute as my abilities allow so I'm happy with that.
I think the change shows a more accurate picture of those that are participating and providing valuable content.
Thanks, I think this is a good adjustment.
Carson Premium
Hi Craig. Your rank will fluctuate each day because we update the rankings every 24 hours. There are a lot of members who are very close in the ranking Scores (which we may display in the near furutre), so based on your activity for the previous day, it could affect your rank slightly.
wtbee2013 Premium
Thank you I always feel silly here I am first to respond I feel like I don't have a life. Oh yeah right now my life is WA, I am working on computer skills, english/grammar skills marketing skills and keyboard skills, you have it all here so I am here a lot. I forgot writing skills, I know some say a year but might take me a little longer. lol
Or 30.000hrs
And thanks everyone ;O)
Carson Premium
Hey Kymee, I always see you active on blogs and within chat, and I am sure your computer skills are getting a lot better :). The more you practice, the easier things become. There a lot of skills that you learn here at WA, that will help you in every day life too, even while away from the Online world. I'm glad you're active and that you've got a high rank!
wtbee2013 Premium
I know you are very busy guy so thanks for commenting, I did say you help with every aspect I am lacking in, lol thats alot , You won't find me complaining thanks again.
I commented somewhere else about all the good things found here at WA. Everything empowering, business, computer skills, communication skills, writing, socializing, Internet skills, people skills ... It's all found right here!

Also, there are some things I attempted to do with my early websites, that now, I can do all in one place in my newest WA campaign!
wtbee2013 Premium
Hey Daniel, you are agreeing with me right ?we are saying the same thing.
This site is the BOMB, Best online and offline school I know I can find. ;O)