Persuasive Words

Last Update: September 18, 2017

Words To Help Attract More Traffic And Convert To Sale.

There are a number of stimulating, effective and compelling words that when used convince persons to take action.

These persuasive words have been used for decades to convince people to buy.

We have all heard and used Power Words which are known to strengthen a post to pique interest and get people to click the bait and become "Hooked", whereas Persuasive Words convince the "hooked" to go one step further and BUY!

Persuasive Words are:

  • NEW. This is the novel word that sells!
  • FREE. The word that makes people act foolishly.
  • BECAUSE . Surprise word that quickly and senselessly persuades
  • YOU . Uncovers how self-centred and selfish we really are.
  • NOW . Screams out urgency.
  • IMAGINE. Makes you feel like visualising your dream.
  • LIMITED . Triggers exclusivity and prestige.
  • INSTANTLY . Increases your sales for FREE with persuasive words. (don't say instant if it isn't instant!)

NEW: We humans love new things and novelty items. We love hearing about things first and on the cutting edge products. When something is perceived as "new" it has been shown to increase sales. When the word was used in a heading on Twitter it had dramatic results. So if your product is not new you should say so!

Free: This is one word you can use that will almost always guarantee conversion. it has proven to work time and time again. It is one of the most convincing and intoxicating words in any language! But it's FREE!

There were experiments conducted by a behavioural economist on The Power Of Free. Dan Ariely proved clearly how the use of the word "free" was far more effective than "almost free". It is an interesting account to read. He showed how 90% of people chose the free product over the one that was almost free.

Because: This very powerful word is one you must use! Because ... studies have been conducted at Harvard University where students were tested with various words by a researcher who was trying to cut in on the line whilst the students were waiting to use a copier. He showed that 94% of students complied when the researcher's words included 'because I am in a rush' as compared to only saying 'I have only 5 pages to copy'. Even when he used the word 'because I have pages to copy' 93% still complied.

We like to think we have been given a reason for something, So use the word 'because' when you are showing something that works!

You: Posts that addressed "you" instead of "entrepreneurs" received over 30% more clicks. Hearing our own name is known to make our brain activity light up! In other words, you, and I are obsessed with ourselves. HaHa! We cannot always know the personal names of customers we are targeting so the use of "YOU" makes it more personal than "entrepreneurs" which could be anyone.

NOW: YOU would have to agree that urgency sells. If YOU buy NOW you will receive for a limited time FREE shipping.

IMAGINE: Feelings can be transferred without necessarily experiencing them firsthand. If YOU can make people feel things then you can cause them to act. A life coach can help his customer get more balance into his life. You can paint pictures in their minds of what life would be like after using you to coach them in solving their problems. Imagine working for yourself and sacking your boss! Imagine spending quality time with loved ones and friends. Persuade your customers to picture what would happen if they don't buy!

LIMITED: The word that triggers prestige. Nothing is more prestigious than a LIMITED offer, for example, Apple has lines spanning for several blocks starting from at least 36 hours prior to the limited release of a new product. Nike uses the same deal by offering limited edition releases of sneakers for hundreds of dollars which sell out within minutes.

INSTANTLY: We are all used to instant gratification. if a website doesn't load within a few seconds then we lose interest. It's therefore, no surprise that instant gratification sells. Use this word to increase your conversions on your digital goods, freebies and opt-ins. Be careful not to promise instant if it isn't instant!

In conclusion, it can be said YOU can increase your sales for FREE with PERSUASIVE words.

Have a great week and have fun!


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phakacha8 Premium
A piece of amazement for convincing people.
Thanks for sharing.
Carol46 Premium
My pleasure, H :)
laurenjean Premium
Ooh, I remember learning these once upon a time when I was a Copywriter (25 years ago! Eek... where did the time go?) Thanks for jolting my memory, Carol. Timely reminder.
Carol46 Premium
Yes, you would remember them if you were a copywriter, Lauren.
arielharris7 Premium
Oh this was wonderful! thank you..and I loved your tongue in cheek ending! ariel
Carol46 Premium
Thanks, Ariel, trying not to bite my tongue :))
TaniaHersel Premium
Thank you for the list. It will be very helpful and convincing.
Carol46 Premium
Thanks, Tania, glad they can be helpful :)
DebbieRose Premium
I like them all. I Know I respond to them when I see them in an article. Good information. Thanks.
Carol46 Premium
Thanks for commenting, Debbie, have a good week