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Time passes so quickly when you are enjoying yourself!It has been and still is a steep learning curve for me but from the beginning I was here for the long haul.I do not know where there is a better forum than here in WA where we have virtually unending friending. I have over 2000 followers now, that is amazing to me! Where there is a worldwide community of like-minded folk liberated by enlightened thinking.Wealthy Affiliate provides virtually an unlimited learning Classroom and ad
I think most of us would have to tried to bake a cake at some point or understand how to following a recipe and hopefully you have only experienced successes. But I'm sure cake making failures have happened.If you have had failures you no doubt that it was probably due to missing just one important ingredient or missed one critical step!It is amazing what can happen when one seemingly little thing can make such a huge impact on the final outcome.I'm sure you can see the analogy referred to here
October 01, 2017
I am sure we all remember the children's nursery rhyme, "Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream". A simple rhyme about making our dreams happen by believing in ourselves.I found the following quotes that help us to visualize the power of dreaming and give us the Secrets of Success and Inner Peace.We need to use our imagination to dream but we must be able to feel it!We should continually remind ourselves that there is no way to happiness.
September 18, 2017
Words To Help Attract More Traffic And Convert To Sale. There are a number of stimulating, effective and compelling words that when used convince persons to take action.These persuasive words have been used for decades to convince people to buy. We have all heard and used Power Words which are known to strengthen a post to pique interest and get people to click the bait and become "Hooked", whereas Persuasive Words convince the "hooked" to go one step further and BUY!Persuasive Words are:NEW. T
"If you think financial education is expensive, try ignorance!"Is it a coincidence that those who are doing well online invest in self-education consistently? I doubt it."It's easier to stand on the sidelines, criticize, and say why you shouldn't do something. The sidelines are crowded. Get in the game."Pessimism and cynicism don't pay very well!"Skills make you rich, not theories."Wealthy Affiliate is a real business opportunity, with real value, teaching valuable skills, where you can feel go
September 03, 2017
Capitalism Explained Perfectly by 'ecowconomy101' Capitalism for different countries is explained with the use of cows with a heavy dose of humour! Traditional Capitalism:We have 2 cows and we sell one and then buy a bull. Our herd multiplies and the economy grows so we sell the herd and retire on the said income.American Capitalism:We have 2 cows and we sell 3 to our publicly listed company, using letters of credit opened by our brother-in-law at the Bank. We then execute a debt/equity swap wi
I think this is a neat quote about achieving success in life, and who doesn't want some of that?Firstly, we need some gumption, in other words enterprising, imagination, resourcefulness together with a spirited initiative. What I call stickability! A toughness to stand your ground in the face of opposition.Secondly, we need to have a fervent want, a dream or wish, something that will keep us motivated and interested to strive towards that goal.Thirdly, a good sense of humour. You remember the f
August 29, 2017
Far too often we are most concerned with reaching our destination and continue to speed along so as we will make it as quickly as possible without fully thinking things through. We can then be faced with the problem of not finding the success we expected immediately and what do we do? We give up! Do we take the time to reflect on our goals and how we can achieve them? There must have been a reason they said 'Rome was not built in a day'!Leonardo da Vinci took nearly 4 years to complete his pain
At last, I have completed the Certificate Course from Getting Started right through to Achieving Maximum Success.It has truly been an interesting and new experience for me and I feel relieved and happy to have accomplished this far. I need to spend more time researching and creating visually appealing content and to start on The BootCamp Series!Thank you to Kyle and Carson for all their guidance and help and to this fabulous community that is like family for your support and help through the pa
I have had trouble knowing what niche I wanted to make my website about and I see a few people have the same problem I had. So I decided I would try and see the 10 best online business niches to be following.Firstly, we need to know what are the best selling online products if we want tobe where the sales are to get some of the action. We will also needto discover whether in our chosen niche it is going to be our productor another product through affil