Seven Things To Avoid & Do When Getting Started

Last Update: October 02, 2018

Too Much Too Soon

One of the biggest mistakes that I have witnessed and honestly, that I have done myself, is to try to do too much too fast. We learn a little bit, enough to do something, then we set out to do something recreating the same steps over, and over, and over again often without giving any thought as to if it is really value added or beneficial.

My advice to anyone is to slow down. Again, I am my own worst enemy in this because I often find myself with too many irons in the fire; too many balls in the air that I can hardly catch them all much less juggle them. Nevertheless,, my advice to myself and to others is to slow down. Perfect one process. I mean really perfect it. Then move on to another project or process.

Not Enough Valuation

Here is another mistake that I have made time and time again and it has taken repeating this mistake numerous times to learn not to do it. The lesson is this; count the cost. Even if the thing you are getting into is a free entry opportunity you have to count the cost of time and energy. The strain on your thought time and thought life. The strain on your creativity.

My advice here is to look before you leap. I have an associate in one of my businesses that asked what seemed like a hundred questions before she joined with us. At first I was not sure what to do with it because I was also fairly new to the business and did not have many of the answers for her. But I am thankful for the questions. It caused me to dig deeper and to really have a good valuation of the opportunity.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Another mistake is to not consider the ROI from a what am I gaining, what am I learning, perspective. This is something here at WA that people in Live Chat are always wondering about. When they are Starters doing a valuation of the opportunity here and when they are new Premium members trying to figure out how long will it take to make a return on my investment. I would say this, if you are learning then you are getting a return on your investment.

Listen, I have not made a single dime promoting WA but I have taken what I learned here and have the works of a pretty decent weekly income. The return is not in the dollars it is in what you can do with what you learn. Think of this as an education expense and your return will be through the roof. To make a living online sometimes you will have to think out of the box a bit.

Of course there are many who have chosen to do the boot camp and are promoting WA with much success. This is not the path I have chosen. And it is working for me. So what is working for you?

Repeat What Works

Most frantically add website after website and page after page without giving too much thought to what is working. This is where slowing down really helps. What is working for you? Where is your traffic coming from? Where is the income beginning to trickle in? These are the places that you will want to focus your attention until it is mature enough to move on to something else.

My advice here is to continue working what works until it is sustainable on its own.

Ask For Help

That should be a 'no brainer' here in WA. Since we have Live Chat and so many ways to ask for help. Support. Ask the Community. If you are a Premium member you have Private Message. There are tons of ways to get help. Just a search in the box at the top of the page reveals tons of help and information. There is a good chance that someone else has had the same question you may have. Search it. And if you are still stumped as in Live Chat. And if you do not get an answer that helps ask the Community.

My main point here is this; ask for help. You can PM me if you wish and I can try to help but I would first follow the steps I just suggested. Do a search here. Ask in Live Chat. Ask the Community. Then PM me or someone else for help. The answer from any of these sources may be to ask support and that is often the only answer. But exhaust all your sources first.

Avoid These And Prosper

1) Don't do too much too fast -- keep it simple
2) Evaluate carefully any new opportunity
3) Consider the return on your Time investment
and consider this WA journey as an education
4) Repeat what is working for you -- repeatedly :0)
5) Avoid the go-it-alone mindset -- ask for help
6) Get Comments and Feedback often

Comment Below

Why add comment below as a H3 heading. Because often we miss this step. This is one of the greatest aspects of building your Google love. Comments and replies. Shares and likes. So make commenting a habit and since we reap what we sow, you will get comments too. Don't miss the opportunity to ask for comments though. Often we have not because we ask not.

Take A Break

One final piece of advice; take a break often and enjoy the ride.
Don't allow yourself to get burned. Rest. Relax. Love. Laugh. Live.

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MichalB Premium
I do not promote WA, since I have not made a dime yet. That is true.
But exactly like you are saying Carl, I did learn a lot. And I still learn.
So I believe somewhere in close future I will be able to promote WA, - maybe not like 100% platform for making money online but also as a educational platform.

More I am here, more I take it as University. And it is sooo cheap, for the amount of knowledge you gather here.

Thanks Carl
CarlJDill Premium
I absolutely agree.
sns1977 Premium
I have a problem with asking for help, although I have a lot of questions I need answers to. Asking for help is definitely an area of opportunity for me.
CarlJDill Premium
Great! It is good to be self aware and know what our limitations may be. If asking questions is all that limits you then it is an easy fix. :0)
JamesJB Premium
Very wise words indeed, Carl. I, for one, am guilty...
CarlJDill Premium
Guilty is a strong word. LOL
I am glad I could help with some advice.
JamesJB Premium
You have certainly helped with your advice, many thanks, Carl :)
rchs76 Premium
I'm sure we've all been there and done such things many times, maybe its within our nature to learn a little bit then over confidence of the level of knowledge then tricks us into real time application of , and honestly sometimes its only thru over exerting ourselves do we get a better understanding of who we are and our limits other times we're reminded to just humble ourselves and pace...pace...pace...
Dhind1 Premium Plus
Wise words my friend. I made many of these mistakes and I am still paying for them.

CarlJDill Premium
Yes me too -- I think we all do. how many of us actually listen to and apply the advice that we have recieved in the beginning. I susect not many. It is only after we have done it that we look back and say --- chuckle here --- if I had only listened. BUT there is always room for redirection and self correction.