Long Time No Writing

Last Update: November 05, 2019

Greetings Success Engineers,

No Writing Explanation

I guess a few of you have wondered where the heck I went too? Well, it's a long story that I won't boar you with, however, I feel an explanation is needed for my abscence.

On August 20th I started a new job as an IT Technician. The company is about 35 miles from my home. So, here I go again, driving long distances to work. Actually, the drive does not take me through the city, so it's not too bad.

My hours each day are 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM. So, it's pretty much messed up my WA time as far as researching and writing.

My last post, Checking In, was actually written while on vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. That was the week before I started my new job.

New Orleans

For about a year my wife and I had planned to go to New Orleans for a semi-vacation. So, On September 21st we left for our journey and returned on September 27th. She was actually there for a work conference and we added a few days to make it a vacation.

I don't know if any of you are from NOLA, however, if you have never been, you should put it on your bucket list.

Absolutely the best food we have ever eaten. And, the sights were out of this world. Some I can't even describe. ( guess that's a good thing ).

We took a Mississippi River boat brunch cruise on the Steamboat Natchez ( as seen in the cover image), took a mule drawn carriage ride through the French Quarter, saw VillaLobos where they film the show "Pit Bulls and Parolees", and visited many great restaurants and drank too many local adult beverages.

So What's Next For Me at WA

This is truly a great community and the things I've learned in almost a year and a half are valuable beyond description. I plan to stay with WA and keep plugging away at this when I have time.

I hope to finally retire in about 4 years along with my wife. This leads me to my final point in this post.

My wife has an idea for a business which she described to me in detail. I had showed her much of things I've learned here at WA in the last year.

I asked if she would want to join me here at WA to make her business idea a reality. She agreed, and as you can see, I have changed my profile name to CalChisH.

Her name is Christine and she was an English major in college. She is a much better writer than me, so, I figured we will make the perfect team here at WA

She will be on from time to time writing blog posts and learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. We shall see where this leads us.

I hope everyone has a great day!


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CMKetay Premium
How wonderful! Time invested in yourself and your family is always a good investment. Christine
CalChrisH Premium
Thanks, Christine. Calvin and I have had some awesome adventures and hope to make this joint venture on WA one of our best! Christine :)
wideman Premium
Great team ;-)
CalChrisH Premium
Thank you
Wayne66 Premium
No matter how much FUN you're having here (and at work?), you have to take time for yourself and your wife to connect and relax if you can. It's just a necessary thing we must do to balance out our lives.

That said, good to have you back and keep moving forward,
CalChrisH Premium
Thanks, Wayne! Had an awesome adventure, one of the few we have had sans kids. Looking forward to seeing where WA may take us! Calvin has been at this awhile now and I have supported him as he has navigated thru this program. Know I have a lot to learn (and he probably still does, too!) but excited about our plans.
Wayne66 Premium
I think you two will rock it together.

Two are better than one, I read somewhere.
JeffreyBrown Premium
That's fantastic Cal! It sounds like you two have a great plan and I wish you all the best success!!

CalChrisH Premium
Thanks Jeff
Helen123 Premium
Wow Cal! And Welcome Christine!

What an amazing holiday! I have not yet made it down to New Orleans. I have family in Mississippi and simply adore visiting them. We have been to many beautiful places and also to NC(sister has a mountain house there) I am totally in love with USA. So when my boy goes to school there next year I figure that’s my invite to spend a whole lot more time there!

Thankyou for sharing your experience! And all the best in your job, you’ll get into a new WA routine I’m sure!

CalChrisH Premium
Thank you Helen! you will really like New Orleans.