Im All In!

Last Update: July 31, 2014

Recently I got a response to a comment that made me think. I had commented on how Im looking at the money side of things as a hobby with potential. If money comes with what Im doing here than great but if not great too. Im happy either way because I wasnt looking at things through business eyes. You HAVE to make money in a business or it isnt a successful business.

With a hobby, if you dont make money its still a hobby. There nothing to get down on yourself for because you weren't in it to make money. Maybe it is still a little hesitation on my part that money can actually be made doing this.

Well Im here to say I am all in. This is no longer a hobby of mine but a small business I will grow from the bottom up. A business that deserves the right attention and hard work my last business got. The only difference with this business is that it is on my computer and not brick and mortar.

Now when I am in my training I will be training to get by business off the ground. Thanks for all of the great motivation I get from all of you that keeps me getting better as a person and as a business man.

Have a great day all!


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marsgram Premium
Go Steve!!
Shawn Martin Premium
Rock on!
cookma54 Premium
Woot-woot, Steve!
gmegs Premium
Alright Steve!
... we're all here to help if you need it.
CarlaIves Premium
WOOT! Superb attitude adjustment. Too many people work their business like a hobby and then are surprised when it doesn't bring the returns they wanted.