My Journey in my 6-Month Membership here at WA!

Last Update: Aug 2, 2018

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Hi everyone! Just to share with you, I was given out a dedication badge yesterday for my 6-month mark after upgrading to Premium and I'm glad to be here.

What's my Badge will look like 1 year from now?

I mean, logically speaking, How much the progress I will have 1 year from now? I always thought about this? To give up or to continue? I lost my motivation for the past three (3) months and I am still thinking how to get it back. With all the personal issues I am facing right now, It's very seldom for me to visit my websites and WA to continue my training and writing content. I don't want to elaborate but these are my issues right now but still I'm not giving up.

Maybe many of us believe in Astrology Horoscope, an incredible tool of self-discovery no matter how far you decide to take it. It is also the study of that which is beyond the physical. Yesterday, I had an appointment with my primary Doctor for my GlycoHemoglobin test and while I am waiting for the Nurse to call me, I got the chance to look one of the newspaper and saw this page of Horoscope for my birth month;

"To ponder why things are the way they are is to go down a rabbit hole. Treasures can be picked up along the way, but, ultimately, this isn't progress. More helpful questions include "What's the best next move?"

My Progress Report:

  1. Two (2)websites established for my own niche and affiliate marketing.
  2. Majority of my articles already been indexed in Google.
  3. My two (2) Amazon accounts already been appproved for my 2 websites.
  4. Google Adsense in placed with earning but not at the threshold yet.
  5. I have more or less 15 Affiliates links to my sites from Rakuten Marketing, CJ Affiliate, ShareASale and Impact Radius
  6. Ranking? I haven't checked it yet for a long time.

What's the best next move for me?

I have so much to say but for now this is what I have in mind. I know I have to keep going to reach my goal. I am happy to be here and striving for the best. Thanks to all of you.



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Hi Bien
Looking at your progress report 5 out of 6 and 6 is unknown so does not really count so 5 out of 5 is excellent . I had computer problems 2 times hardware and software once now all is well . The Big thing is that you wrote a blog post about your situation and now you can go from strength to strength Deal with one issue at a time get help/ advice / . if needed.. I am pleased that you are focused and back here at WA to accomplish your goals .
All the best

That's incredible, Bien!

It took me about a month to find the refresh button, so you're definitely further along than I was, lol.

Although I am not a devout following of astrology, every now and then, I read something from my horoscope that is proud.

All the best with continued success, Bien.

Well done Bien
Wishing you more success ahead!

Hello, Bien.
Paul Mindra here from Canada.
Greetings, young man.

What you are going through is something that many new people coming on to The WA platform face, or have faced, with myself included.

I think I know where the problem lies.

Let me ask you something...

When was the last time your direct sponsor contacted you on your progress?

Chances are that you have not heard from him/her after you went premium.

Was it not on his/her recommendation that you are here.?
What are they doing to help you?

Whenever you have a problem or issue, I believe that you should first go to your sponsor and then the community. However, in many cases, the sponsors are not responsive, so you are left back with the community.

My response to your post is going to turn into a 'rant' and I do not want it to turn that way...not yet anyway.

The only time I hear from my direct sponsor is when he would like me to give a testimonial on his new site. He doesn't even contact me to thank me for renewing my membership.

Because the Wealthy Affiliate 'Affiliate Program' is only a one tier program, I wonder if it would be possible to change sponsors.

I would have to raise this issue among the community.

If you joined under somebody, then they should be your first mentors. The Community here is the best and offer incredible help, but I often ask myself, what happened to the person that brought me into this?

Don't give up just yet, Bien.

Let's see if we can find a solution for you.

Give me your thoughts and I will write a post addressing this very important matter.

Regards from Canada.


Congratulations and continued success as you move forward.
All the best.

Hey Bien,
Thanks for the update. Congrats on making it to the 6 months mark and now for the future!!!

Tried and True


Good job Bien!!

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