Unexpected Blessing

Last Update: May 18, 2016


I won't go into much of my past, but I rarely went to the doctor or concerned about my health. I had a lot of issues but didn't want to go through anymore. In the worst of times, a new girl came into my life and with concerns for my health, she insisted I have a colonoscopy.

I listened to her and went only to find I had some cancer cells. They were removed and I got a clean bill of health. I write this in retrospect to my situation. I didn't understand all the struggles and losses I endured but because of them, I am in a better place today than I ever had been in my life.

I was asking the question why I had to endure. Today I say I am thankful I endured 2015 to get what I have received in 2016. When problems come you way there may be something so much greater than what you have now. Just my thought!

Recent Comments


I am glad you are doing better.

Thanks Joy.

Sometimes we need to have so help in learning these lessons, hope your health is steadily improving

Yes, it is getting better all the time. Previously my health was of little concern to myself or family. My girlfriend now makes me and my health a priority.

It's a good lesson Brian, sometimes we have to go through bad things to get to the good :) Hope your recovery/health continue to improve :)

Yes, you are right Jude.

Hey Brian, marvelous, It is a blessing in disguise, I am happy everything is well for you now,. :))

Thanks Jewel. I had been declared medically disabled 8 years ago but due to all the costs and hassles of the medical industry, I rarely went to the doctor. Survived a very close call so now I know better.

Glad that you are ok now, Brian,I think having good health is so important, thank you. ;))

The long and short of it all, I can say that God is in control of everything in our life.

You are absolutely right Sue. When I was a pastor, I felt as long as I was doing God's work that I would be protected. I realize now it was a wrong attitude to take.

And so it is with everyone--sometime in their life...

True words Barbara.

Hey Brian, I know whereof you speak. I've had to endure a lot in the past 3 years, but now I'm on top of my game and loving it.
Your last comment about problems was put to me by a child 6 years of age. He was talking about his best friend losing his dad to cancer. Josh said, 'Sometimes something bad has to happen for something good to take place.' The wisdom of a little boy pulled me up short. It made me aware that my problems were heading me into something good. I'm not quite there yet but am sure watching for it.

Out of the mouth of the babe's!

Everyone should take the colonoscopy very serious. It lengthened my life substantially.

I was scared of it and had put it off for 8 years. Now I realize the importance of it and have been telling some of my friend's and family who have been putting it off to go get it done. Mine was too close for comfort.

Congrats! on Sept 27, 2014 at 3:45 pm on a beautiful Satrday afternoon in San Diego. I got the call also. By Oct 15 I had a semi colon. The new lady that I had just met about 3 months earlier was ther for me, nursed me through the healing (unfortuantely I also had to have a double hernia surgery a year later) This sweetheart stuck with me and on July 10th of this year after 15 years of being a widower,(and she 20 years single)will once again marry...semi colon and all.

Congratulations JD!

Congratulations. A good mate is priceless. Mine sure as changed my life as I am sure yours has for you also.


Yes I was glad to get the final results and the life I am now living.

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