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Last Update: Jun 3, 2016


Many people, when wanting to start a business look at the franchise system. It is a tried and true method that will lead you in a proven process.

McDonald's Concept

One of the most successful concepts is the McDonald's franchise. The building size and layout is pre-planned for you. The location has to meet certain criteria such as population and traffic flow. You have to go through training that will lead you step by step for start up and daily operation of your business.

There is continued support and training even after you open the doors for business.

Internet Concept

There are many methods to open an internet business. There are a few programs that will provide a method will very little help to some very valuable training and information. Wealthy Affiliate is just one of those programs available.

Negatives In Franchise

Large start up costs such as franchise fee, name purchase,real estate, huge real estate costs and much more including sharing a percentage of profits. Some require cash start ups of $200,000 and a net worth of $1 Million, just to get all the steps to be successful.

Much More than most people have to invest!

Wealthy Affiliate's Benefits

You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free to begin and then after a free trial you can chose to invest for a monthly or an annual fee. The cost is very reasonable considering all the benefits including free Site Rubix website for free just to test out your actual site.

Once up and running there is WA training, Training from Jay, Robert, Marion, Loes and so many more great people here. All you have to do is post a question and help comes running from every where.

Draw Back?

I think the reason many do not succeed here is due to the low cost. It is so easy to join and most people do not treat it like a real business. While they may dabble in their internet business, they do not treat it like a real business. There is not enough of a vested interest for them to make a real commitment.

Would You Fire Your Manager?

If you hired someone else to run your website business for you when you had started out and they performed like you have done, would you fire them. Would settle for their efforts in the allotted time you have set for yourself or would you expect better effort and results?


You have joined WA and are going through the motions. Some are doing it with great success while others are just loping along and wondering if this will really work. It will if you will work it like a rel business.

I know each of us can improve and hope those who are straddling the fence will realize just what you have before you and start over today and acting as if this is a real job and their is a real boss.

You need to become that real boss and keep your employee (YOU) being productive in the scheduled time frame and you will be surprised at the changes in the next 90 days.

Recent Comments


Great post! I would probably fire me at this point, but I feel there is so much I still need to learn. So I will keep plugging away and learning everything I can to be successful!

Great post!
You are probably right on with the statements here. At least for me you are!
Yes I would fire me!

Would you fire you? .... I like that and will remember it always. Thanks Brian

Very good break down and as you say franchises have proven successes they do require quite a bit of capital and a lot of possible hang ups,

I believe it is nearly 100% up to the individual's attitude and persistence. The Franchise model was very good for me (for about 5 years) in the 1990's. Now I find that the Franchisor has most of the money/power, and the Franchisee is most likely to be struggling.

I for one value companies like WA above all. They provide the platform, training and integrity - I bring the patience, motivation and persistence.

Ecellent article !! Thank you Mr BSmith.


Great points and food for thought, thanks for sharing :)

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