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June 17, 2016
Every great thing we accomplish begins with an idea. You never know what is brewing in your mind that will bring you success. Listen to your ideas as your mind may be trying to help you.Some of the most successful men and women have a mastermind group to keep them accountable and to bounce ideas off of one another!
June 16, 2016
Best of IntentionsSo many times we have the best of intentions. We start a website and wait. We just hope people will find it and the money will start rolling in. We got the site started and wait, day after day.What is happening? Nothing seems to change except our enthusiasm. Soon discouragement enters in and we are ready to give up. "This stupid thing doesn't work. Somebody ripped you off!You only half built your site. Each of us will have to adjust, change, and modify to create our own succes
June 10, 2016
Life is a series of choices. We can decide to face the problem or we can decide to ignore it. If you want things to change, you will have to decide to accept the challenge and meet it head on.The greater the courage, the greater the reward!
June 07, 2016
Have A Problem?Problems help us to learn and become stronger if we will realize it. Some will give up and quit in the face of problems. Others will use it for a learning point and become stronger.Face the situation and grow from it!
June 05, 2016
Life is a journey that each of us have to take. If you consistently do what you have always done, you will consistently get what you have always got. Want something different? Be willing to do something different to make a change in your life.You do not have to continue wallering in your bad situations. If you do, you are in a rut.A rut is a grave with the ends wallered out!
June 03, 2016
Many people, when wanting to start a business look at the franchise system. It is a tried and true method that will lead you in a proven process.McDonald's ConceptOne of the most successful concepts is the McDonald's franchise. The building size and layout is pre-planned for you. The location has to meet certain criteria such as population and traffic flow. You have to go through training that will lead you step by step for start up and daily operation of your business.There is continued suppor
May 22, 2016
Don't worry about the others racing by. Focus on your own journey and know your success is waiting on you just ahead!
May 19, 2016
Do You Really? All of us will believe and tell others we are going to be a success and make money in an online business. The point is that while we profess this, do we really believe in deep down inside.I think most of us hope to be a success, profess this belief, and actually take a few steps but deep inside there is this huge ball of doubt. This ball of doubt is a dream and a success stealer. We go through the motions. We follow the training and advice but things just don't seem to work for t
May 18, 2016
I won't go into much of my past, but I rarely went to the doctor or concerned about my health. I had a lot of issues but didn't want to go through anymore. In the worst of times, a new girl came into my life and with concerns for my health, she insisted I have a colonoscopy.I listened to her and went only to find I had some cancer cells. They were removed and I got a clean bill of health. I write this in retrospect to my situation. I didn't understand all the struggles and losses I endured but
May 08, 2016
Back in the mid-1970's, my dad began to speak to several of us of a change in society. He referred to it as the dumbing down of America. He was a highly intelligent man and had been classified at a genius level.It was his belief that the middle class would be eradicated while the rich would continue to improve in power, status and money. The poor would greatly increase and be herded into a mass group who was totally dependent on the government and clueless to what was happening to them or going