Windows 10 Surprise, AGAIN!

Last Update: Jul 16, 2019

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It Had to happen. I Just knew it was too good to be true!

I could not access any of my accounts, could not save anything to my Laptop despite changing my passwords and updating and restarting umpteen dozen times!

Oh how I miss my Windows 7! So, after some time in a chat with a Microsoft agent and trying umpteen different solutions, I final had to uninstall a program I have never used "Asus security manager" and Hey Presto, I can save again.

Messed up my days plan as I got up at 4 to write my articles and have spent 2 hours fixing issues caused by.......WINDOWS 10!


I now proceed with my work with bated breath....waiting for the next windows 10 surprise.

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In all my years I have never seen an upgrade, or sequel, or whatever you want to call it any better than the original. My Iphone4 does everything the new Iphone4000 does. Windows 7 better than 10? Nope.

The only exception I can recall is The Godfather 2 was better than The Godfather. And do not get me started on toilet paper and soap dispensers in public bathrooms. You cannot improve on a roll of toilet paper and a bar of soap.


I am a great believer in don't fix what isn't broken Mark. MS seems to have a different outlook.

It is time to break out the time machine to solve your problem. Sorry to say but you have a problem that may not be solved. Have you given a thought to changing your operating system.

Changing mu OS is what caused my predicament. I like the features.... it's the updates that are a problem, to me at any rate.

I am sure when everyone get used to Windows 10 they will be no need to miss Wondow 7 Change is Always difficult

When It works, I love windows 10. It's the updates that I dread.

I can imagine 😀

Microsoft had a free program that you could run before updating to Windowsc10. This program would tell you which proigrams, if any, were not "'comparible" with Windows 10. I ran it before updating and I never had any problems.
I wish you the best.

My problems have all been system related. all my programs (besides my Grandson's game) work well when the system works.

got you

When changing operating systems there are always bugs with some of the older programs. Better to clean all the program you don't use off altogether.


I only have programs that I currently use on my laptop. the issues are generally system related! All good now, until the next update.

One good thing about Windows 10, It gives me something current to blog about. :=)

I have a laptop that I've given up on. It worked fine on Windows 7 but it won't stay happy on Windows 10. I liked Windows XP and loved Windows 7. Hopefully; it gets better.

Hi Dave, I have the same problem with an old SP laptop. It is now a cupboard model!

I have managed to get win 10 working on this machine...until the next update. Holding thumbs.

Mine refuses to update. Maybe I'll change it to Linux. There's free, nearly comparable software out there.

I need to find Linux and try it. That will be another first.

I love Linux. You can buy a thumb drive on amazon with the latest OS on it, to install.
Boot up from the drive, then install.

Ubuntu is a free download and install is easy. Plenty of help out there. It uses the Libre Office Suite instead of Microsoft, but has great functionality. No frequent updates and I believe all drivers and such are well tested.

Sorry to hear about your problems but glad it is fixed

Hi Bryan,

Sorry to hear about your encounter with windows 10. Glad everything worked out.

I remember a time using windows XP and got quite used to it, even liked it, then came millennium cause of the year 1999 was going to become 2000. A lot of people panicked. Millennium was the worst operating system that came, just my opinion. Then was your system windows 7 it was a good operating system I agree. Next came different versions on windows 8 that got scrapped. Now windows 10 is here and yes there are different versions to that too.

Just wondering how many people missed windows XP and how did they feel switching to windows 7.

Bryan you will get used to win 10 I am sure of it.

Best wishes,


Thanks, Michael. When it Works, windows 10 is great. My issue that every time it updates there is another issue.

I used XP for a while before upgrading. It was not too bad, It was however preinstalled on the machines and worked well. I find issues tend to come with upgrades and updates.

Trust they will get it right in the not too distant future. :-)

Aaww yes windows 10 welcome to everyones nightmare...i hate it
I so loved 7 took me forever before i switched finally new laptop i had no choice lol lol

Hey Cathy, so pleased I am not the only one that feels so comfortable with windows 10. :-)

Lol i hate everytime windows comes out with something..they rush it ..ends up with tons of i always wait as long as possible at least by waiting a lot of the bugs have been fixed or patched lol

Don't you worry. You will soon get the hang of it.

Hi Carol, I have no problem with getting used to it, it's the surprises that come with the updates that get me. :-)

Oh! I see. That indeed can be frustrating.

I am frequently told to disable updates but I am concerned about security issues when windows is not up to date.

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