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October 31, 2020
Hi to you all and I am, excited to say that I am back at WA, I must say that I missed the support of "Support", the advice and help from you all and the awsome training and video training from Jay. I look forward to getting everything back to normal and putting in the hours of work required.Thanks to all of you that have already joined my network. I look forward to communication on the live chat.Kindest regardsBryan
Unfortunately the dreaded disease has reached us too and has shown us that there will be serious consiquences.With our income at risk and our currency falling through the floor, it has become time for us to say cheers to you all and wish you all well in these trying times. Thank you for all the help over the years and I Hope we can return in the not to distant future.Goodluck all. Look after yourselves.Bryanb
Yeah, well I fell off the wagon AGAIN!Been up since 3am to write a killer article today but it's now 5;50 and I have not got a suitable keyword yet.So, doing something I can do, or can I?This is day two that I am battling to get an article out. Maybe I just need to ....?UPDATEI don't know how or why, but as soon as I published this post... the lights came on and I found a suitable Keyword. I guess when the lights came on the silver shone more and I could concentrate. Well that's my story and I'
It Had to happen. I Just knew it was too good to be true! I could not access any of my accounts, could not save anything to my Laptop despite changing my passwords and updating and restarting umpteen dozen times!Oh how I miss my Windows 7! So, after some time in a chat with a Microsoft agent and trying umpteen different solutions, I final had to uninstall a program I have never used "Asus security manager" and Hey Presto, I can save again.Messed up my days plan as I got up at 4 to write my arti
Goodbye Windows 7 - Old FriendAfter reading Dave Hayes post on resizing his screen in Windows 10 I had a mild panic attack. You see, I have used windows 10 before, on my PC with disastrous effects. It was so unpleasant, I removed it and went back to windows 7. Awesome system.So Microsoft has decided to pull the plug on Windows 7 soon and I would have to change up in any case ( if change up is the correct term), so it has been bugging me since his article. Thanks Dave!I decided to put aside my p
My Network has climbed to 2000 but unfortunately, my randking have climebed from 300 to 6052. Not that this bothers me much as I am concentration on my sites so my time on the WA helpers platforms has decreased. Not that I don't want to help, but I have to do what needs to be done on my sites. Now that I am looking after client sites, my time is becoming rather limited.I try and spend some time on the helpers platform when I can but please excuse my absence.Wishing you all the greatest succesB
That's apparently me for the next 3 to 6 weeks. I will be AWOL for a while as I had a cataract removed yesterday and I have to wait 4 weeks before doing the other eye.Went into hospital yesterday expecting a GA. HA Ha HA. It;s done while you are awake. What a shock to the system. I have had a minor eye op before and had to watch it all being done and swore never again. So it was probably best that they never told me.All in all it was relatively painless. The worst was the drip in the hand. Afte
Had a suprise email tonight, telling me that my post that I posted at about midday was found on Google. Just for fun, I went to Jaaxy Site Rank to check and it was found at #4 on Yahoo. I followed Jay's training of this morning (02:00 RSA time). It sure seems to work.. Yabut nothing. It just works!Thanks Jay
The CIA must be a huge organisation to deal with all us criminals! I guess that this is their main Task now, surfing the porn sites to catch the criminals of the world. Luckily it comes out of the US citizens taxes and not ours. I just thought you would like to know that the CIA is now watching you. That is according to the emails I am now receiving, and I must be spending my life on Porn sites. Oh heck.... WA must be a porn site because I spend my life here and nowhere else!Somebody better t
This is really getting to be old news. Are there still really so many people that fall for this that it is still worthwhile for them to send these mails?I have now received 3 identical emails with different "BITCOIN" accounts in 1 day. You know, it starts with "Hi, your account was hacked! Modify the pswd right away!You do not heard about me and you really are most likely surprised why you're receiving this message, right?I'm ahacker who openedyour email boxand systema few months ago.You shoul