"Act As IF!

Last Update: December 11, 2021

Hello Everyone!

It's a nice 62 degrees this evening.

The tree to the left is losing its leaves, rapidly. All of them are collecting in the pool!

For the next couple of days, continuous leaf skimming is part of a needed routine.

After skimming leaves, I headed out, to trim roses in front of the house.

Texas weather doesn't really put one into the holiday spirit, but I pulled out decorations, anyway!

No matter what's been going on from one Christmas to another, somethings are a constant.

I always have a tree and lights!

Act As IF

We are responsible for our own Happiness!

On any given day, we have choices. None of my days, lately, have been without some incidence, both good and bad.

All I have the power to have, is to be "Responisble" for my actions.

"Pause when agitated or doubtful." Wait to hear the next right thought or action, and then go a help another! Avoid reacting!!

The other day, I was spent, both emotionally and physically.

I'm a "No news, is bad news" kind of person. Talking about my problems, is not what I do, but thankfully, I have those folks around me that KNOW ME!

One word out of my mouth, and my BFF was heading over for a Girls Night!

Doggies Fest! Kisses from Gracie, while GinGin gnaws her bone!

What a difference a Day makes!

Suzanne was in the Spirit! She had just come home, from outline, Christmas shopping with her daughter! She shares her kids and grand-children with me! I'm Auntie Barb;)

When it's girls night< Suzanne is sprawled out on couch, and my lap is often the girls' playground.

Who can depressed around this??

Typically, BFF crashes on couch, early, before I head upstairs, usually several hours later.

GinGin goes in carrier, and Gracie crashes with her Mom.

Next morning, when I awoke, they were gone. Suzanne had a major dental appointment, and tends to get up early. Since I had NO coffee, my routine of setting up the pot, so she could just turn on, was out! Off she went to start her Wednesday.

I woke and began mine as well. Since, I've had this head cold, I got a replacement for my usual Wednesday noon meeting. I used the day, to take care of me and my household to-do's.

Helping Others is Reciprocal!

"What we put out, we get back, 3-fold!"

Since, I've been under the weather, and staying home, I had put-off going to post office, and other errands.

I promised Fran, I'd send her some jewelry for her site, last week. I do not like "keeping my word"!

No coffee, got me out! First stop the Post Office!

We have 2 major PO's around here, and one that's tucked away.

Ed's Pharmacy is a little known gem!

Who wants to even attempt mailing at the PO, anytime in December?? Not Me!

Once I made it clear that I did not need a "Custom Slip" for a package going to Alaska, we were good to go. Not sure where this gal was, during American History classes, but somehow she missed that Alaska is a State!! Of course, she had to ask another person, but regardless, the package has finally been posted!!

Look what was in my mailbox when I got home!!

What a beautiful surprise!

My "acting as if I'm in the Holiday spirit", is working!reSince, I already pulled out some decorations, I spent the rest of the day, cleaning and putting out a bit of cheer, here and there.

The fireplace mosaic was done by my Mom. While I did my stained-glass, she did mosaics.

This little Christmas tree belonged to my Mom, who passed away Christmas Eve of 2013.

Christmas time, has not been a family function, since my parents divorced. Christmas meant time with Dad and my step-mother playing nice, while my Mom was alone.

We were all raised Serbian/Greek Orthodox. Christmas is celebrated January 7th! As this is the Lord's day, and His celebration, it's not all about gifts! A good meal and family is all that was necessary.

With this in mind, I was not going to go to Michigan for Christmas. "Mom doesn't care about this day, anyway.", I thought. But something said "Go"!

I took my youngest son, Russ, with me for a needed road-trip. Grandma hadn't seen him in 10 years!

Mom had knitted Russ a V-neck sweater, a blue deep blue, which he wore for the first time.

Since it was during the Polar Vortex, weather was bitter cold.

I had told her I was bringing a surprise. When, Russ walked in, she just about leaped out of her bed! Michi, yes, she was always the first, to announce our visit, and Russ!

Next day, just I went to visit, while Russ was with his cousins.

Believe it or not, this was a very joyous time for me. I was the only one with her that evening, and was able to say, "Merry Christmas, Mom, see you tomorrow, and I love you!" Wearing her new Christmas socks from my sister, on her chilly hands, she made quite the picture! I hugged her tonight, and that was our final moment. I cherish this memory!

By morning, she was gone.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Not too, exciting but it's a start!

The plant to the right, is what's left of my oleoander bushes, after last years freeze. In the past, I've decorated these to add to the cheer. This year, they are but a reminder of just what was lost during that spell.

Fast forward to now, and it's

Saturday morning!

First thing this morning, the BFF wanted a visit. Both dogs were in need, as well!

Temperature is 59 and getting colder. Yesterday, was 81 til well into evening!

I skipped my Saturday morning meeting, as I'm still not a 100 percent. Let's not spread germs! We both had good news to share!!

I said, you go first!!

How about a cruise in February? Oh, twist my arm!!

Lindsey, Suzanne's oldest daughter, and her best friend, Jennifer, found a Caribbean cruise, for 5 days at $250 per person for 5 days!

Her BFF and her Mom's BFF! What a treat!!

We were chatting about boats and cruises, as we made our plans. I came to me, my last boat-trip, also in February.

February 1961- Mom, me, Marina, and Chris! Dad is behind the camera.

Okay, I'm mistaken. This was our last boat journey, before getting back on the Leonardo DaVinci ocean liner, to head back to the United States of America!! I only thing I asked for Christmas of 1960, was "I just want to go home!"... From the mouth of an eight-year-old!

I got just what I wanted, except we were going to travel for 2 months. Having been pulled from school, we were off for another sort of education!!

Enough of this reminisence!

We all have things we can appreciate!

Sometimes, we need to look a bit harder, but there is always something!

I did hear from my oldest, who has been the major source of my misery, of late.

He misses his family, which he's chosen to alienate.

Things are looking up, in His time, not mine.

"This, too shall pass", comforts me.

"Nothing happens in God's World by mistake" .

He has a bigger plan for each and everyone of us.

Wishing everybody here at WA, a most wonderful Holiday season!

In closing, I'm sharing one of my favorite songs for the season!

"The Secret of Giving" - Reba

Just in case link doesn't work...

"In this life we all go through hard times

When we struggle and pray for a lifeline

Just needing someone

To show us the way.

To you the glass might seem half empty

But's it's half full to those without any

So hold on to Hope

And try to have Faith

Oh, you've got to have Faith!

If there's just one secret to living

Whoever you are

It's learning the meaning of giving

With an open Heart/With an open heart!

If you offer the bestpart of yourself

Even when you don't have anything else

Honest and True

It'll come back to you

Love comes back to you!"

Happy Holidays!!

Best success in 2022!


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Bridges Premium
So Barb, in this potpouri post, I find the most amazing section to be the "beautiful surprise" where "something said go". It was the Holy Spirit encouraging you and Russ to get to your Mom before she passed.
What a blessing for you and him both, as well as your Mom, that you followed that prompting.
MiracleW Premium
You are absolutely right. Nothing happens by mistake. God has a bigger and better plan for our life’s. Sharing memories during the holidays is so enjoyable. Cherish those moments my friends.
brichnow21 Premium Plus
The beauty of WA, Miracle!
We can share and visit with folks all over the world.
Ain't life grand? Looking forward to a wonderful new year!
Glad you came along for a visit!
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Wow, Barb! You have been busy, but having good times with your BFF helps make things go faster and a lot better!

It's nice that you're getting everything decorated too!

I won't have any decorations this year! I'm sure the PSD over at the house has everything decorated like a carnival side show!

Ah well, I don't have to worry about it this year! I am focused on getting a lot of things accomplished!

I'll be happy with just watching Christmas movies and remembering the good times!

I'm glad you had a wonderful day!

west2000 Premium
Sending you & Kitty over a tiny, little cat-proof tree to brighten up your holidays :-)
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I think I have something like that somewhere, Susan! That is so funny! Thanks for the kind thoughts, my friend!

brichnow21 Premium Plus
My Christmas evening may be much like yours, Jeffrey, but maybe you'll have the Blog Dogs back! They will certainly bring on some cheer.
Christmas Eve I may go to Suzanne's younger daughter's, but not committed as yet.
My sister invited me to California, but we couldn't see my new grand-niece, so I wasn't interested in this trip.
They have been paranoid about Co-Vid. Auntie has been fighting the shots! I do need proof for the cruise, so next week, I promised I'd go. Ugh!!
Finally, I'm being forced, against all my beliefs. :(
Big Brother!, ... not you, Bro! Ha!
Sista B
brichnow21 Premium Plus
Very nice, Susan!
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Oh, Sis! For a Cruise?? Well, that is completely your decision!

Be safe, and I'll see how the Blog Dogs do Christmas here! I'll be prepared to receive them, but will likely hold out for as long as I can in case she changes her mind!

west2000 Premium
I think anyone who was around in the 70s has one of these somewhere, Jeff! My mom made this for me ages ago and it's a treasured classic :-)
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
As it sure should be, Susan! If I ever find mine, it will be minus the lights! I think it is just the tree itself!

west2000 Premium
Thanks, Barb. It's an oldie but a goodie :-)
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
They sure are, Susan!🎄
Dhind1 Premium Plus
Thanks for the great read. I enjoyed so much of it. We are responsible for our own happiness. I have always felt that way.

Setting up for Christmas here in Thailand is always a challenge. Though the population is always ready to celebrate any occasion.

The best of the holiday season to you and your family.

Zoopie Premium
Christmas not a biggie in Vietnam. But we are gearing up for Tet. My liver will be a quiver. lol.
west2000 Premium
Do you have any special Christmas things you do in Thailand, Alex? I visited there years ago and found it a beautifully intriguing country.
Dhind1 Premium Plus
Nothing actually special to Thailand - no. We do put up Christmas decorations and we do have a Christmas dinner.

brichnow21 Premium Plus
Thank you, Alex!
I imagine weather might be a bit like Texas.
Cosmopolitan! Everyone has a celebration, no matter the religion or culture! How fun it all is!
The other night, my East Indian neighbors had a drum fest outside. Cars lined the street.
At first, I thought it was the HS
band practicing for a football game, but it was too close. LOL
Tis the season, Alex!
Enjoy your Holidays! They will be what me make them!
brichnow21 Premium Plus
Tet is always celebrated at the nearest casino, across the border in Louisiana.
Houston has a huge Vietnamese community. My last teaching assignment in Alief, a borough of Boston, had a fairly even disbursement of all races.
We were a little miffed, when the put Vietnamese above English printed street signs!! They are all over this little berg called Alief. :(
Kwanzaa is right around the corner as well.
Dhind1 Premium Plus
Thank you. All the best of the holiday season to you and your family.

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
You're a poet and don't know it, Stevoi! 🤣🤣😹
Zoopie Premium
Haha, have Vietnamese friends in Texas or is it Vexasnam. Lol.
Zoopie Premium
Also a drinker and a stinker…hehe bees knees.
Got me started , now I far….woops…later..
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Take it easy, Stevoi! Go with the flow!

Zoopie Premium
Busy day, busy life. I like the look 👀 of that book, the chronicles of Calos Castenadas cat Kelso. I read a bit of CC in my younger days.lol.
brichnow21 Premium Plus
So did I Stephen, until he creeped me out, with some of his practices.
All these were written by Fran! Self-published, except the blue one. I'm taking them in bit by bit.
Looking for the good, and thankful for having a glass!