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I asked myself this question, so let's take a look!New Year written goals...Write more blogs. write for minium of one hour per day! Post 2-3 per weekStay connected to WARead 3 blogs a day and commentGreet 3 new members a day. Find 3 old unfollowed followersList all articles needed before website launchGet started on something productive by 9:00 am Wa ranking back to top 100. I know I'm staying connectedWebsite building...take down old posts and restart training from oint AWork on website one h
The art of creative writing is a WAve we travel!A few days ago Christine posted more about her Vision Board.Before heading to bed, early, ...midnight, I read one more blog.I found my self back in Montana, as I viewed the beautiful mustard fields!Her vision sparked my memory of my trip to Montana, a place I'd wanted to visit,since watching the movie "Legends of the Fall".Anthony Hopkins and young, Brad Pitt starring starred as a father and sonwith all the trials of early life in the newly develo
Before retiring last night, my mind was a whirl with the ideas of Balance, music, art, success and irritation.A family member...Off the beam, hurdled a major dirt bomb, which I managed to duck!My choice to react or respond. Practiced my own advice, ...The 3 B's.Pause...Be quiet! Back up! and Breathe!Worked for me, and I let it go.While running errands it hit me... must Blog immediately!My thoughts for the day! Are you on the Beam or off the beam?Take this simple quiz! What toughts and what act
Every my cell service contract renews I'm offered an upgrade!My phones are usually still functioning, so I don't turn them back in.You never know when you'll need a backup!Several years, ago while traeling to Florida to see me friend, Dee, we set out on kayaks exploring.Babe Ruth's old winter retreat, now in shambles, was right across the way, on Tampa Bay.After a day of Mantitee exploring a car ride away, we still hadn't had enough!Back at the house we had lunch and decided to go take a look
It's a Plan B day...Today, woke with great enthusiam!After, last night's awesome Live Training with Jay, I was pumped! Coffee, not cocktails really helped...I reviewed Jay's WooCommerce training, and received some really good tips for setting up a website!Jay, simply creates all the pages and the menu, without any writing!! In several minutes, the framework is set-up!After that, I hung around the WAter cooler, and enjoyed some wonderful relaxation with friends!Before I retire, I create a list o
January 16, 2020
No time for a real well thought out blog, but had to share everybody!My WA rank is back to the top 100!Seeds planted will grow with care and nurturing!Follow the "Damn Good Advise" here at WA and we all succeed!!Nobody here makes it on their own! We are a fabulously, talented and helpful community!You are never alone!"Seek and you shall find.""Knock and the door will open.""When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!"Use Chat and Ask a Question!2 problems solved in 2 days!!Thank you all
January 13, 2020
Thank you team WA!This morning I was determined to just work on my website training! What a nice surprise to find I'm back in the Top 200 rank!!Needing to share a victory, I'm writing today, before website training.If you want to join the ranks that lead to Ambassador status, just follow a few of these tips! Welcome any new members to your network! Read the profiles and send a warm Welcome! Many, like me, came in with angst! Having lost time, money and peace of mind, with past failed web build
January 11, 2020
After reading so many blogs and answering emails, writing a blog, finally, seems to be just the right thing to do! Needless to say, I'm rusty, so bear me, please.When we look out to the immensity of all around us, we seem quite insignificant.One person, alone, trying their best can produce, but multiply that< and you get a powerful team!! WA is that powerful team!!After 3 years, of WA I've become aware of 3 ever present Laws of the Universe, right here!The Law of LoveLove, in its simplest fo
Thanksgiving week, was a time of both Joy and Sorrow...Unexpected Funeral for a FriendPlans for this past Thanksgiving, changed upon the announcement of a friend's, loss of his younger brother, Dwayne, at the age of 59.Dwayne, was born mentally challenged, so Curtis, as older brother, became Dwayne's leading advocate throughout his life. I met, Dwayne, at social functions, having dinners. He always had this great, big smile!Suddenly, Dwayne was gone! No warning of illness, but gone in an insta
October 2017, I joined WA! At the time, I was in my Michigan condo, retreat from the southern heat of Texas.I'm now retired, but have not stopped learning since I stepped out of the classroom.To be a good teacher, it helps to know your material, and I was blessed with incredible curiosity for many subjects. In addition, I never knew from one year to the next, which subjects or how many I'd be teaching, so one better Love Learning!!Another year begins with Premium at WA!" Where have you