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April 04, 2020
With March Madness complete ... "April Showers Bring May Flowers"Watch what you ask for!My Last blog was about all the activity that was coming my way.I was going 100mph in many directions! Screech went the brakes...STOP!Suddenly, all the meetings have stopped!!From Zero to Fifty..."Necessity is the Mother of Invention"After a 2 day reprieve, as we began lock down, we were back into action again!!All the meetings that were closed, are now Zoom meetings!Front Porch and Gazebo... We are here, but
Back in November, having recommitted to my 12 Step recovery site, the "Universe" began to support my "Vision", bringing in many real life opportunities for service!With the holidays brought Thanksgiving and Christmas/Hanukkah/Muslim breakfast meetings, in addition to our monthly sobriety anniversaries. The Christmas breakfast meeting was started by me, so the coordination, set-up, cooking and clean-up was all part of this wonderful event, responsibility was also, mine.Working With Others"Whenev
It's Super Bowl weekend! The will never be the same!Back in 1982, I was in a changing season, as a single mother, with 2 young kids!Quite early on, into my first marriage, I decided, "This isn't working", and left, Dad with the house, and ME with the kids, to an apartment!As it happens, my cousin, Mark, began, the exodus from Michigan to Texas, with my help.Soon, my Aunt Barbara and Tommy and Bobbie followed.Meantime, Mark's friend Laurie was also coming down.Laurie was a go-getter, and Mark,
January 28, 2020
Remember when politicians walked a the neighborhood and met their public?Kissing babies and shaking hands, connecting with their people they WISH to represent!"Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end..."My cell has of late, become a billboard for our County elections... Alas, I just got finished with Medicare sign up calls and text about 10 a day!I appreciate a card in the mail! They have some personal info, like their other paid professions, and values. These are things I l
Oh, where to begin?A Peek at my Thinkin' table..."Monday is Wash DayTuesday is IroningWednesday is SewingThursday is Market DayFriday is CleaningSaturday is BakingSunday is a Day of Rest."(Versions of this, 1880's -England- Nursery Rhymes)Song to teach days of the week and discipline.Baby Boomers Begin...Mom and I shared quality time from 3-5 years...Brother and sister were at school, for most of the day, so Mom and I, ... played all day, pots and pans for me, while Mom cooked, ...her play! Mem
I asked myself this question, so let's take a look!New Year written goals...Write more blogs. write for minium of one hour per day! Post 2-3 per weekStay connected to WARead 3 blogs a day and commentGreet 3 new members a day. Find 3 old unfollowed followersList all articles needed before website launchGet started on something productive by 9:00 am Wa ranking back to top 100. I know I'm staying connectedWebsite building...take down old posts and restart training from oint AWork on website one h
The art of creative writing is a WAve we travel!A few days ago Christine posted more about her Vision Board.Before heading to bed, early, ...midnight, I read one more blog.I found my self back in Montana, as I viewed the beautiful mustard fields!Her vision sparked my memory of my trip to Montana, a place I'd wanted to visit,since watching the movie "Legends of the Fall".Anthony Hopkins and young, Brad Pitt starring starred as a father and sonwith all the trials of early life in the newly develo
Before retiring last night, my mind was a whirl with the ideas of Balance, music, art, success and irritation.A family member...Off the beam, hurdled a major dirt bomb, which I managed to duck!My choice to react or respond. Practiced my own advice, ...The 3 B's.Pause...Be quiet! Back up! and Breathe!Worked for me, and I let it go.While running errands it hit me... must Blog immediately!My thoughts for the day! Are you on the Beam or off the beam?Take this simple quiz! What toughts and what act
Every my cell service contract renews I'm offered an upgrade!My phones are usually still functioning, so I don't turn them back in.You never know when you'll need a backup!Several years, ago while traeling to Florida to see me friend, Dee, we set out on kayaks exploring.Babe Ruth's old winter retreat, now in shambles, was right across the way, on Tampa Bay.After a day of Mantitee exploring a car ride away, we still hadn't had enough!Back at the house we had lunch and decided to go take a look
It's a Plan B day...Today, woke with great enthusiam!After, last night's awesome Live Training with Jay, I was pumped! Coffee, not cocktails really helped...I reviewed Jay's WooCommerce training, and received some really good tips for setting up a website!Jay, simply creates all the pages and the menu, without any writing!! In several minutes, the framework is set-up!After that, I hung around the WAter cooler, and enjoyed some wonderful relaxation with friends!Before I retire, I create a list o