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Hello, Everyone! Hope you are all getting ready, for whatever is in store, for your weekend!What Goes Up must Come DownHere in Texas, we've been having elevator temperatures! Mornings start with the 40s and before long, to the 70s. Some may think it's delightful, but one must be prepared for any weather that may pop up!"Don't like the weather? ... Wait 5 minutes" .Very true for SouthEast Texas, who's weather is often changeable, due to the Gulf of Mexico.Learn from the PastLast February, we had
Good morning wonderful people!Gotta Have CoffeeFor years, I've collected coffee cups!Drinking coffee started as a young child with my Mom. Being the youngest child, each morning when my brother and sister headed off to school, Mom and I had our time together. Half a cup of coffee with plenty of milk and sugar, was my portion. Our kitchen table had 2 bench seats and while we seeped coffee, my Mom would tell me about to "Little Man in the Seat". This little man would help her cook and if I wa
Hello wonderful WAmily!Monday morning was another loss for this Retired School Teacher. We just lost Betty White.Sidney Poitier Has Passed Away at 94 YearsBack in 1967, I was in junior high, in to 8th grade. The movie, "To Sir, With Love" had a most powerful effect on this young girl.The movie brought awareness to many issues that young people go through, many that were hush-hush, and considered dirty little secrets.Poitier played Mark Thackeray, an African-American engineer, that couldn't find
January 06, 2022
Hello wonderful WA community!Canva Training by WA Trainer VitaliyThe other day, I was searching YouTube for "How to create backgrounds for YouTube presentations".I wasn't getting what I needed, and shut it down.Bing!When I saw my email notifications, at the very top was an invitation to Vitaliy's "Intro to Canva".I couldn't watch it "live", but first thing this morning I checked it out!Class 1This training will be a 4 part series, so this was to tip of the iceberg!I had no idea what Canva coul
Happy New Year WA family!With the end of the year and in anticipation of the Promises of a New Year, one can not help but reflect on the good and the bad.This last year has been difficult, with our family still grieving over loss of Dad, last year 2020.As a Mom, I've had my grief, and the grief of my 2 boys. My way of coping has been working on my problems and growing from the experience.I've had successes with WA, and my recovery groups, but have not had much success with my website. My plans
December 17, 2021
Hi, Everyone!Short a sweet message this evening...Recognize the doggie?This was Ginger just last week!Gracie and GinGin Spa DaySuzanne and I plan Spa Day for BFF doggies. An arduous day, is softened when one is venturing, with a friend. Gracie didn't want to get out of car, and once she smelled the place, bolted out of her collar!GinGin? She couldn't wait to meet up with her friend!Old Habits Die HardSpa day takes anywhere from 5 to 8 hours! Today she in by 10:30. Once I return to the car, I'm
December 11, 2021
Hello Everyone!It's a nice 62 degrees this evening.The tree to the left is losing its leaves, rapidly. All of them are collecting in the pool!For the next couple of days, continuous leaf skimming is part of a needed routine.After skimming leaves, I headed out, to trim roses in front of the house.Texas weather doesn't really put one into the holiday spirit, but I pulled out decorations, anyway!No matter what's been going on from one Christmas to another, somethings are a constant.I always have a
Hello, WA Family!I've been in a bit of an emotional storm, and a bit under the weather.Last night, we had a Holiday celebration at my "Group in the Country!"Though, not feeling like being sociable, I'd made a commitment.My pals were on board with pies made by my BFF, Suzanne. Carol, our adopted Mom, of 84 years young, and Heidi, also ready to roll.Though, I could easily have stayed inside, lacking energy due to sleep deprivation with congestion, I took my DayQuil, and headed out anyway!I'm so h
Hello beautiful WA Family!After a tumultous weekend and some soul searching, I've come to a conclusion.If It's Going to Be, It's Up to Me!Time to set my sails and get moving on my dream!Daily discipline has been lacking, and that's on me.Allowing personal issues take over and worry, is counter-productive. It makes me a victim, which I deplore.I was considering going back to work, then...Hire Myself!Take things, as serious as they are, and get to it!I'd hoped to get my boys on board, but people
November 23, 2021
Hello wonderful WA family!As we go into Thanksgiving week, Gratitude is on my mind,No matter what I may be going through, I must keep all things in perspective.This past week has been tumultuous!Last year at this time, we were planning my sons' dad memorial. During Co-Vid? ... This was not an easy feat.Churches and pastors were not to had! My first ideas were not to come, but what happened in the end was just "The Way it's Supposed to Be".We had a beautiful get-together, rain and all at the VFW