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How to create a sales funnel for my site?

How to create a sales funnel for my site?

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I need a sales funnel for my website as I am struggling to gain traffic also gain more followers on my social platform.

Is there a way possible to make a sales funnel th

Jay has some excellent classes about Landing Pages which essentially is the same as a sales funnel. You create the pages you need, leading your customer through them.

The link to Jays class about landing pages: The bottom line is that you need an autoresponder and Aweber is a good one that you can use for free, and create both a landing page and Campaigns as Hilde says.

So maybe the easiest way, in the beginning, is with an Autoresponder like Aweber.


You can create your own for free in your autoresponder using Campaigns if you use a little effort. Otherwise most funnelbuilders cost money.

you can create a sales funnel ...i am at a loss as to how that will increase your traffic though...
what will increase it is to have higher ranking content...
so the main thing is to create seo'd content that your niche wants...
but you can make a funnel for free ... all they are is a landing page, optin page ( these may be hte same thing) and a thank you page...
you still need ot drive traffic to it and google will not rank these pages...
you are only 2 or so months into your online journey , s o be patient,, google takes around 3 months to be certain you are staying in the game ...so you may see some of your content starting to rise in the ranking soon...
good luck

Check classes typing funnel in the search box

The following post from Neil Patel will also help


You may want to check clickfunnels but it’s a paid option



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