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Last Update: November 20, 2014

I found that people love to read success stories.

Have to admit, I love it too. It may inspire or may give you that motivation you were craving for, even if you find it takes longer to achieve your goals.

But I also noticed there are no websites which give you real life examples of how affiliate marketers crawled their way up to profit.

Maybe it is because it's quite hard to connect with successful people in the beginning :)

Either way I decided to make a website that most of the time focuses on the premise of getting entrepreneurs side of the story/report to the public.

As I am trying to make this site as communication friendly as possible, feel free to comment within the site, and tell me what do you think and what questions would you like to see next time for example.

If you have your own success story, feel free to visit the site and get more info.

" Today I have managed to a little Q&A-interview with Jeremy West, who had a long road in the online marketing world.

Lets see if he can share and give us some inside knowledge on how he managed to crawl his way up and choose a perfect niche: "

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AngelaHall Premium
I definitely was hooked from the beginning. :) Good luck to you. Please keep us posted as you get more stories.
I do have one small suggestion: Your menu title Daily Advices - Advice is its own plural so it would be Daily Advice (no s).
Unless you had some other reasoning behind the s lol. ;)
I look forward to more!
Boyka Premium
I will keep you posted!

Even though I just started, I already got some really good success stories I can't wait to share within the website.

rosieM Premium
Excellent idea!
Christabelle Premium
It is a good idea!
NerdRN Premium
Love these Q&A's from successful people! Thanks for posting this!
jasontw111 Premium
I red the full post. Great success story