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Last Update: Jun 23, 2017


About a year ago I was spending a lot of time reading blogs and adding comments to many of them. It got to the stage that most of my WA time was doing this.

I wasn't doing any website updates or advancing my training.

At the same time I tried to publish an article on Street Articles only to find that it appeared that Kyle and Carson had turned their back on it.

I then read a blog from someone who also was spending a lot of time commenting on blogs and he decided to turn off "New blogs from people you follow".

i followed his example - BIG MISTAKE!!

I had just turned off the most valuable connection to WA and my interest dwindled.

This morning quite by chance I was trying to find an old article I had written for Street Articles way back. On getting on to Street Articles I found that it was still going strong and so I went back to WA and immediately unblocked my "New blogs from people you follow" button.

So I'm back but I don't promise that I will comment on every blog.

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I must check out 'Street Articles.'

I'm glad you're back and that you have picked something valuable from your experiences. I have also learned something and wouldn't have if you had not shared with us. All the best in your projects.

Many thanks for this.

Welcome Back! Like you, I've learned to not post on every blog. Truth is that a lot of what I receive is info that has already been blogged about or posted before. But that's what happens when you've been around for a couple/few years.

Just keep working your sites as you've been doing. That's where your business is. :-)

Thanks for this - so true.

Good to see you back again.

Street Articles seemed like such a good idea. It would be fantastic if writers could stay within WA to earn income while they are building their businesses.

Hi Elijah
Glad to see you made it back; I think once back, always back - similar things happened to me, including the disappointment when it seemed Street Articles was no longer being supported. So it is? What is it for and can one realistically earn money with it?

I must be too new (couple years now) to WA to know ... what are these "Street Articles"? Something we used to have here, but no longer?

When I first started at WA there was a basic training course covering how to set up a website and then all the bits and pieces that go with it. As part of this course we were encouraged to write articles for "Street Articles" which at the time I believe Kyle and Carson owned.
There was even a challenge from K & C to write 30 articles in 30 Days - quite a challenge. However it was a great entry on to how to get articles published.
I would put "Street Articles" into the WA search option at the top and go from there.

Oh ok, I get it now. Thanks for the bit of WA background history, my friend.

Welcome back, glad to see you back on track. It's easy to get consumed reading posts. We all need to find a happy medium! :)

Thanks. I totally agree.

I believe the community of people trying to do their own thing is the most valuable part of WA. Not that the boot camp is not valuable but you are just working for Kyle in that option. The Certification puts YOU in charge of tour destiny.

There should be no generalisation. What works for others might not work for you. We are very unique as individual, and our learning concept is different. Nice that you learnt this lesson about the uniqueness of human being.

Thanks for this.

Well then, welcome back partner. Glad you're still with us!

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