Ball And Chain That Holds Us Back

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To find out why the picture of the Bears is here read to the end of the post.

Most people on here don't know that I run a Center where people come to get help with life's issues and learn how to make the right choices so that they can live a good life. At least 4 to 5 times a week I sit with people to help them with their struggles in life. I have now been doing that for over 40 years.

Because of that I have learned a lot about what people struggle with.

One of the big things that keeps people from moving forward and succeeding is

The Worry About What People Will Say If They Fail.

The thought,

"What if I try and fail? Everyone will know that I could not do it!"

"What if I put a website up and it does not look right or it is wrong. Then everyone will see it."

Or this thought, "What if I put up a website and it makes no money and I have to quit."

That one thing is what holds many people back.

What other people's opinion of their life will be.

I know no one here has had those thoughts I am just saying others struggle with it.

I was sitting with someone the other day that has been trying to build an offline business and they admitted that they get good ideas or know what to do but talk themselves out of it because they are afraid it will not work for them. They talk themselves out of it even before they try.

All of that comes from that big mud pit of worrying about what other people will think.

If you could not fail when you built your website, if it was guaranteed it would work. How quick would you build it? When would you have it up.

I am amazed and pleased by the group of talented people here. I mean some really amazing people.

Some are moving ahead and not caring what people think.

Some are still worried what their site will look like or if it will work. Worried about other people's opinions

Two things I will say about this.

First I know what works because I have tried a lot of stuff that didn't work. When something doesn't work we keep looking until we find something that does. You can find what works here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Second I believe in you. I know you can do this. If you have the ability to turn on the computer get here and read this post then you can do this.

I believe in you and will continue to believe in you until you believe in yourself.

Onward and Upward.

P.S. Why the two bears at the beginning? They were worried about what someone else would think of what they were doing!

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That is impelling Wisdom Bo!


This is why all of us were so happy to have you back here, Bo.
Thank you so much for sharing.

Yes because I am here to aggravate people again. LOL

Thanks Bo, appreciate your wisdom!

Thank you Luke

Hello Bo,
I found this post especially relevant because I have a job as a resident counselor in an organization whose mission is to help people who because of hardship or life challenges can no longer live independently. Our job is to help those people get to a level where they can find independence again. Often the issues that you are talking about, such as not trying because of fear of failure, are something that we have to teach our clients to overcome.

Here's the thing. We are all trained to ignore our instincts, as hard as it may be, to enable. It may be easier and faster to do something for someone--especially if they are using the ball and chain that is holding them back. That is to say, you may want to take that ball and chain away from them, but that is something that have to do for themselves. You can only show them how they can do it. But they must do it.

Come to think of it, that's what you have been doing for us. Life has a way of confirming what works, Bo.

Yes, it does Thabon. It will show us what works. The sad thing many times even though people know it works they won't do it because they have a better way.

Hi Bo, I sometimes have these feelings and get discouraged, But generally find my answers and encouragement here on the WA platform, and it pulls me back up again. Thanks for sharing.

You are welcome Jenny. I am glad you found what pulls you back up. We all need that from time to time

The two bears were saying, this is not for us. lol

You noticed that also. Or they were saying we tried this and it didn't work

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights, I find them very helpful.

You are welcome

Excellent post. Love the images that go along with what you are stating.

I like using images instead of just straight text. Thanks

Nice and timely life lesson. Straight talk and positive re-enforcement! Thank You.
Walking the Path of Peace,

I am glad you liked it Sanders

I remember when I was young and someone said to me " What other people think is none of your business" So profound and so true
Thanks Bo :)

You are right Vickie and good that you learned that early on.

Ir sure was a great lesson Bo
All the best with your weekend coming up :)

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