WA is now encrypted! SSL for everyone!

Last Update: Nov 3, 2016


Hey, everyone! You might not have noticed, but a couple days ago we all logged in to a new sight:

That HTTPS instead of HTTP means that WA is now encrypted with SSL (that's secure socket layer) encryption and therefore more secure and authoritative!

Now I took classes in computer security so maybe that's the main reason why I'm excited about this (nerd alert) but it also has some pretty good news with it...

WA is passing it along to us!

That means SSL/HTTPS will be available for premium WA users on custom domains. Are you still in the dark? lol! Check out Carson's post here, he explains it better:


There are a number of advantages to having SSL on on your website which Carson discussed in the above linked post. The summary is this: security and authority. People are learning to trust the lock icon and know that this means you're on a secure site. People trust secure sites more in general, and so does Google.

I'm not sure how big of a ranking factor SSL is, but it certainly can't hurt! It's a step toward making the internet a safer place altogether, too. SSL means that sessions between a user and your website are encrypted and very difficult to compromise.

Another cool thing about SSL is that is allows us to take payments on our own websites... so those of us who want to be able to do drop shipping or get into Ecommerce now can! Not something I'm interested in, but I've seen several people on WA wanting to set up a shop on their site.

A lot of people are now talking about it within WA so I thought I'd join in on the discussion. Part of the reason is because I know not everyone will see Carson's post right off. I myself found out about it from someone else's blog post... So I'm just helping to spread the news!

Well that and I'm pretty excited "geeking out" about SSL as a network technician/engineer. This is a big step for WA as a whole and a big upgrade in service to premium users at no additional cost. Another reason to love WA, no upsells! :D

Anyway, the feature isn't quite ready yet (I imagine it's taking a lot of work!) but we'll probably see it roll out within the next few months. I can't wait!

Are you excited about SSL? Do you have a particular use for it? Did you even know what it was? Let me know! :D

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Thanks for sharing this Tennyson. I'm glad you did because I didn't see Carson's post. Will our domains be automatically migrated to SSL?

Actually, I just tested my sites. It is *not* available to everyone here yet. You might be in the beta group Boothe.

Yeah, it's not fully released yet but I think we'll see it by the end of the year.

Kyle said some time in the next two weeks, actually. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks for the information. I did not really understand this completely.

You don't have to! Just know a knew security protocol is on its way that might help us rank better! :D

Nice, and thanks,

No prollem!

Is there an option to keep http or switch to https, or would one even want to keep http?

Also, does your domain have to be hosted by WA to take advantage of https?

Yeah you definitely need to have your site hosted on WA to get this awesome perk. Sites with SSL will still have unencrypted versions and I assume we will need to activate it or something. Not sure how it is going to work yet.

Definitely good to have SSL. Great stuff.

Yeah, I'm pretty pumped

Sounds like the business is being more secure.

Looks that way!

This in conjunction with better scam protection hardens and extends our security perimeter. Great news!

It certainly is! :D

That´s great!


This is fantastic news. :)

I know right! I'm excited. :)

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