Ways to Become Financially Stable in 2020 and Beyond

Last Update: January 01, 2020

Welcome 2020! Every new year many people make a resolutions list like losing weight, stop smoking, get married, travel to, be better at, and more. How about a change in direction that can help you to finally quit your job and put you in the drivers seat of your finances?


Truthfully there are many ways to become financially stable, but you should choose the path that is not only the best way but also the least expensive. Does such a way exist? It certainly does. But do not fall into the trap of scammers claiming you need to invest a lot.

You will always need to invest money to make money, but many online scams promising great wealth will have you believe that you need to spend hundreds or even thousands to succeed. That is total BS and I am living proof that you can succeed for about $50.00 per month.

In the beginning you will be spending more money than you make, there is no avoiding that. This is a real fact of any business that you create from the ground up. However, with consistent effort you can begin to see a return on your investment within 6-12 months.

Once you have your own internet business that you can easily work from home, at the coffee shop, while on vacation or anywhere that there is internet access, you will enjoy life better. No more getting up early, getting dressed and sitting in traffic. You can work while still in bed!

Does that sound like the type of work you would like to do? Stay at home and watch your kids grow or spend more time with your significant other. This is not a fantasy. According to a FreshBooks survey 42 Million Americans will be self-employed and work at home by 2020.


It is now 2020, the start of a new decade, and there are dozens of signs that the retail economy is quickly changing from brick and mortar stores to online sales. Automation and artificial intelligence is replacing much of the human workforce. This is not science fiction.

I am sure you have heard of 5G technology being installed all over the world. This is supposed to be needed for AI to function smoothly. Are you going to wait until your job is replaced before you take action to secure your financial future and that of your family?

The global workforce is changing rapidly and the only way to survive and succeed is to change along with it. Do you want to know what the BEST PART is of all this change? You can easily start this now for FREE and operate it for no more than $50.18 per month.

That may seem like an odd number for the price tag, but that includes everything needed to operate your unique internet business. You can even save more money by paying yearly instead of monthly. Paying yearly would come out to a price tag of only $31.08 per month.

Not only is the price low but the money making concept is easy and adapts quite well with the current growing retail marketplace. So many people all over the world are purchasing all kinds of items and services online and now you have an opportunity to tap into this growing trend.


If you have been searching for ways to make money online and/or from home, you may have heard of various companies in the Multi-Level Network Marketing and Direct Sales industry. What I am about to share with you is NONE OF THESE DIFFICULT OPPORTUNITIES.

Unlike any of the above mentioned marketing types, what I do and what you can do will NOT require you to buy or sell any kind of products or services. You will also NOT have to recruit people or even have to communicate face-to-face with any potential customers.

The unfortunate problem with many of these money making opportunities listed above is that they can be fraught with scammers. The type of digital marketing I do is associated with well-known retail, product and service companies that most everyone has heard of and dealt with.

These popular companies participate in the 12 Billion Dollar per Year Affiliate Marketing Industry. When you become an affiliate marketer you can get paid by companies such as Amazon, Sony, Nike, Walmart, Apple, MLB, Best Buy, Microsoft, Target, and hundreds more!

In affiliate marketing all you do is provide information about different products and services of your choice that other companies sell. When a sale is made from your recommendation, you get paid a percentage of the final sale price from whichever company you are affiliated with.


It is obvious you can purchase almost anything online from your groceries to an automobile and everything in between. Even getting quality education can be obtained online with universities like Harvard and Stanford offering many courses you can take from home.

The best place to learn about and get started in the affiliate marketing industry is at Wealthy Affiliate. They are rated #1 by Alexa and Google (see graph below) for being the best place to both learn about affiliate marketing and helping their worldwide members to succeed.

There are a few online training courses that people can take to learn about affiliate marketing but ONLY Wealthy Affiliate offers a complete course with no extra training upsells that need to be purchased. Your paid monthly or yearly membership gives you everything you need.

In addition to the extensive easy-to-understand lessons that are updated yearly, you have access to 50 WordPress websites that are programmed for you and hundreds of website themes and plugins for you to use at no additional cost. Perfect for the complete beginner.

The great thing about being a member of Wealthy Affiliate and taking their training is that you can earn income in multiple ways. The main way of building an affiliate marketing website in any niche you want, isn't the only way to achieve financial stability. There are other options.


Of course earning income as an affiliate marketer with as many websites as you want is the best way to make money in the long run. However, there are other opportunities available that can earn any member short-term and even quick income by applying what they learn.

One of the many things that every member learns is how to write website content using keywords and SEO, Search Engine Optimization. This often sounds complicated at first when learning a new kind of technique, but it actually becomes easier the more you do it.

Knowing how to write SEO content by using keyword research is a technique that other website owners and small businesses will pay people to do for them. Using Craigslist and freelance writing job listing websites, I found a few small businesses that I do SEO for.

Then there are ways for every member to make a small amount of Cash Credits within the WA platform. These credits can be cashed out for money and paid to the member at the beginning of every month. Depending on how much you make, you can pay for your membership.

You can earn Cash Credits by creating training, leaving comments on other member websites, and by members who have joined through your referral that purchase and/or renew a domain name for their website business. All of this adds up over time so the possibilities are there.


Everyone looking for ways to become financially stable in 2020 and beyond, need not look any further than Wealthy Affiliate. You get everything you need except your own determination and patience to reach your goals. Success does not come quick and without effort.

There is no one way you can earn money with a Wealthy Affiliate education and membership. In addition, both the community help and tech support is the best in the industry. No matter where you live in the world, you can be a member of this online training community.

With affiliate marketing being a 12 Billion Dollar per Year Industry, many opportunities are available. The growth in popularity and profits continues to rise in the billions of dollars every year. Do not let 2020 go by without starting this opportunity to secure yourself financially.

Affiliate Marketing is an ever-growing marketing method being used by retailers large and small all over the world. Both men and women can greatly benefit by earning money in their chosen niches. Finding your niche isn't hard. There are dozens of niche examples here.

The time is now to get started in affiliate marketing. Remember that it will take you about a year of consistent work to start seeing a return on your investment and there is no better place to learn, build and succeed than at Wealthy Affiliate. I have and many others too!

If you have just joined, Congratulations! You have taken the first step. Now keep moving forward and ask questions no matter how silly you think they are. If you are reading this and you have not yet joined, make this 2020 the year you prepare your financial safety net.

Join Wealthy Affiliate for free by clicking the Green Join Now button at the top of this page. You will never find an all-inclusive place for learning and operating an affiliate marketing business for so little money than right here. If you have any questions, please post them below.

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MD100 Premium
Loaded with information. Any idea how to get more free pics since so many site saying FREE then lead to istock pic where we have to pay.

And is it reasonable to start a site that takes the reader through the journey you are on. Learning piano is my niche. And hoping to sell as affiliate products I have chosen to buy. Love to hear if think has a future or if wasting time.
boomergp08 Premium
Yes, I see no problem in doing that and it doesn't matter which kind of piano learning products you will be recommending on your website.

You can talk about your journey, what you used, and products you have researched and wished you had used or wished were available when you started.

I do not know which angle you intend to take your website but there are several relevant affiliate programs available. I would suggest looking at the products they sell.

I just went to Google and searched for "Piano Learning Affiliate Programs" then scrolled passed the top three Ad posts and looked at different company programs.

Again, your way forward will be based on which way you intend to take your website. There certainly a lot of items to promote for piano learning, even pianos themselves.

As for pictures a majority of 100% free CC0 licensed image resource websites will have images such as iStock and Shutterstock as a way to earn revenue.

However the bulk of the images on their website will not be these images. Have you tried Pixabay or Pexels? These are two websites that WA sources their images from.

I also have 12 other free CC0 licensed image resource website links in my tutorial on finding and using free pictures. You can find those websites at link below.
CordeliaN Premium
Hi Rob,

When I was halfway through your post I thought, “where do I sign this is a brilliant company I want some of it”?
By the time I reached the bottom of the post it was clear and evident as to why you were posting, and could see the merit in writing a mini WA product review for the WA family.
It was brilliantly motivational and for anyone doubting their monthly membership will by now consider going yearly, I believe you have single handedly upped the yearly membership 💥

Very well done
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you! Happy you liked it. I will say this, paying monthly is good for people who are unsure of their ability and may be thinking short term. But for those truly serious about their long term goals, paying yearly not only shows a dedication to succeed but it also saves money.
Marley2016 Premium

Thanks for sharing this wonderful post about WA.
What I have been learning from you over the past
year and a half is PRICELESS knowing it is all
included with my Premium anyone would be crazy
not to take advantage of everything that is offered
here at such a steal!

Best wishes and Happy New Year,
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you Susie and a Happy New Year to you too! Wealthy Affiliate has so much to offer anyone who joins. It is just a matter of that person taking action on what is offered and staying on course.
Roybretton Premium Plus
Hello Rob,

First of all, let me wish you a very happy and prosperous 2020.

Thank you for another great motivational and very true post, the Internet certainly has opened up many, work from home opportunities. Unfortunately, I think the high street is going to suffer in the next few years.

Personally, I really dislike shopping, so for me, the Internet is like man's best friend. Living in the countryside, it costs money to go into town, it is unbelievably convenient for me to shop online. 95% of our shopping is carried out online including the grocery shopping! Fantastic!

Have a great day Rob.

boomergp08 Premium
Thank you Roy. Being able to purchase whatever you need online is definitely the new norm. It is super convenient! We here at WA have a great advantage of being able to benefit from this form of shopping and earn income in the process.

I hope you have a very prosperous 2020 and the rest of this new "Roaring 20s."
Roybretton Premium Plus
Hello Rob,

Thanks Rob, I hear you. Thank you for the good wishes, this is the first time that I have heard the term, "Roaring 20s", it sounds good though!

Have a great day.

AlexEvans Premium
Compliments of the season, Robert, and best wishes for a successful and productive 2020.

I have to agree 100%.

Currently sitting in the shade of a tree, in the hot sun.

Doing business in the middle of nowhere.

Change is coming, here in WA we can be at the forefront and drive that change.

boomergp08 Premium
Thank you Alex.

There is such a great feeling when we can work whenever and wherever we want.

This way of working is a growing trend and I feel that WA is the perfect place to help people in adopting this lifestyle.