How Successful Is Affiliate Marketing? Check This Out

Last Update: November 02, 2019

There are several ways anyone can make money online, but which one is the best way? In my opinion and that of many others, Affiliate Marketing offers the best return on investment. How successful is Affiliate Marketing? Let me show you the numbers.


Yes, I said billion with a B. Currently in 2019 the global affiliate marketing industry is making approximately 12 Billion Dollars in sales per year and this amount gets bigger every year. As more and more people do their shopping online, affiliate marketing is leading the way.

For example, marketing companies like Rakuten who track the trends and sales in affiliate marketing, have been forecasting that affiliate marketing will reach $6 Billion by 2020 in the U.S. alone. Currently in 2019 it is $4.5 Billion per year in sales in the U.S., see below image.

That is a one and a half billion dollar increase within ONE year. Kyle recently blogged about the advantages of us being affiliate marketers in an environment where sales staff in retail stores are not as helpful in catering to the questions and needs of the customer.

I also blogged a few months ago about the death of retail stores. It was projected that at least 6,616 stores were slated to close down in North America in 2019. As sad as it is for so many people to lose their jobs because of this, perhaps they should become affiliate marketers too.


If you are reading this and you work in retail or know someone who does, show them this post. Help them to start up their own affiliate marketing website business. Unlike Multi-Level Network Marketing and Direct Sales, Affiliate Marketing is BOOMING at a faster pace.

As you can see in the above image, the USA leads the way with the most affiliate marketers at 57.44%. Canada comes in second at 9.71% and then the UK at 5.24%. It is safe to say that a majority of these affiliate marketers have gotten their start here at Wealthy Affiliate.

All you have to do is look at where many of our members are located. Just to showcase this statistic, in the comments below tell us which country you are operating from. In a week after I publish this I will add the top three countries with WA members to the end of this post.

Affiliate marketing is the least expensive way to start an online business. All affiliate programs are free to join and a membership here at WA is only $49.00 per month for everything except a domain name. You can purchase that here for $13.99 per year or purchase somewhere else.


It is no secret that I have no problems coming up with niche ideas for many of the WA members who seem to draw a blank on which niche they should choose. There are literally dozens of niches everywhere you look and some like those shown above are the most popular.

Each of those broad niche markets contain dozens upon dozens of smaller focused down mini niches. If you are not sure how to go about finding these mini sub niches of a broader niche market, check out my training here. I provide 12 different niche markets and their sub niches.

How successful is affiliate marketing? The stats show that it is very successful, probably far better than those other types of marketing. Definitely easier and less expensive to operate. But success will only come after putting in a solid effort of learning and growing for at least a year.

When I say a solid effort I mean on your website and not here within the WA community. Don’t get so fixated on WA rank. It will not help you to make money from your affiliate websites. Socialize and help out here when you can, unless making money isn’t that important to you.

Remember to tell us in the comments below which country / continent you are from and how long you have been a WA member. For example: I am from New Jersey in the USA and I joined WA in August 2013. Also, leave any questions you may have below as well.

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Tenad Premium
Awesome article
boomergp08 Premium
Than you.
jlclayton1 Premium
I am from Illinois in the US joined WA 2 years ago in November of 2017!

Those numbers don't surprise me when I think of how I shop nowadays. We live in the country, and I order anything I can get delivered to my door.

Thanks for showing us the potential of what our affiliate marketing business can do!
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Janelle. Like I said to Mac below, with everything that can be ordered online now, companies like Carvana allow consumers to bypass the car salesman and order their cars online.
MacJack Premium
Hi Robert,
I'm in Minneapolis, MN USA. I joined WA in 2017 for the second time.
Great blog post. I definitely agree that it's sad that many will be losing their job due to the downsizing in the retail industry. However I feel this sector will not be the only one affected by the proliferation of online shopping. So yes pointing individuals to Wa is a great way to help people to create a new source of income to provide for themselves and their families.
Thnx for your insight into this matter
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Mac and I agree that other sectors will be affected by online shopping.

More people are starting to buy their groceries online and with companies like Carvana, you can order a car online too.
Jadatherapy Premium
Thank you for sharing this really encouraging post, much appreciated

Here's to making it happen

boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Jennifer. Onward and upward.
Jadatherapy Premium
YAY... Onward and Upward
karenbh924 Premium
Those are some big numbers. It encourages me to push forward. Thanks!
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome. Yes those are some big numbers and it makes me feel quite comfortable in choosing this kind of internet marketing business.