Natural Cancer Treatments - Is Truth Stranger Than Fiction?

Last Update: April 01, 2019

Are you in the health and wellness niche? Are you looking for niche ideas having to do with alternative medicine or natural therapies? Then read on. In this post Natural Cancer Treatments - Is Truth Stranger Than Fiction, I will provide some truthful information you could do research on and even use in your niche websites.


Well if you haven't noticed by now I like to tell truthful stories that have a purpose that can both entertain and help those reading it. I do this here in my WA blogs and some of what I will share today I also have on my website The Free Cancer Cure. This website is NOT an affiliate website and it will never be. Just strictly life-saving information.

However recently I have had several members ask me questions and for my opinion on the treatment of cancer in a natural way. I either refer them to my website where they can also watch video interviews of doctors who are successfully treating cancer naturally, provide them with my opinions, or give them affiliate program recommendations.

I am sure cancer has touched the lives of every person reading this in some way or another. My father and one of my sisters died from cancer, another sister had it and I had it too. I was completely healed the all-natural way that was jump-started by a product called MGN-3 which is made by Daiwa Pharmaceutical of Japan and currently sold on Amazon.

But my treatment required a lot more, like a big diet and lifestyle change. As was reported by the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, 90-95% of all cancers can be traced back to poor diet and lifestyle habits. So I basically became a bit of a vegetarian and mainly adopted the Mediterranean Diet. I also took Turmeric, Vitamin D3 capsules, and juiced.

But MGN-3 was the catalyst that got the healing process going. This all happened in 2000 and by the end of 2001 beginning of 2002, my throat/oral cancer was completely gone. Hippocrates is quoted to have said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." I learned that both a healthy diet and lifestyle plus a strong immune system is VITAL!!!


Even though all of this is true you CANNOT speak the truth of natural health claims when selling/promoting any natural products on your website. In the United States and probably most other western countries it is AGAINST THE LAW to market any natural product for the prevention, mitigation or treatment of disease.

ONLY drugs are recognized to do this and they must be FDA approved. Even though there are hundreds of published clinical and scientific studies' proving the efficacy of natural products, the FDA will refuse to even test for approval because they are wholly funded by the Pharmaceutical companies. They will not bite the hand that feeds them.

This is why the title of this post says, "Is Truth Stranger Than Fiction." Because despite all of the published studies and the people being healed naturally of many types of diseases, a majority of the population in western cultures knows nothing about it. When they do hear about it they find it strange that their doctors never told them, even though it is true.

So if you are promoting any kind of supplement that is known to help and treat disease, DO NOT make any kind of heath claims. You also should always use a disclaimer that basically says that your content and product is not meant to diagnose, prevent, mitigate or treat disease and is not approved by the FDA.


Time for a true story where truth is stranger than fiction. But before I start let me emphasize that there is NO supplement, NO drug, NO doctor and NO procedure that can heal anyone of cancer. ONLY a strong properly functioning Immune System can do that. Let that sink in. Logically having a vibrant immune system is key to prevention and wellness.

My True Story... Back in 1999 I read a medical newsletter from an alternative doctor doing a review of a product that claimed to "Cancer Proof Every Cell in the Body." That product was MGN-3 developed by Dr. Mamdooh Ghoneum, Ph.D., a cancer immunologist at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles, CA.

Daiwa Pharmaceutical in Japan, which create cutting edge natural medicine unlike pharmaceutical companies here in the U.S., manufactured the supplement and a company Lane Labs here in Allendale, NJ was the importer and distributor. I showed the review to my then Naturopathic Doctor and he felt it was a good idea to try it with my lifestyle change.

It was expensive. I had to pay about $295.00 just for the first month and then $90.00 for each month afterwards for about 11 more months. My initial purchase in 2000 was enough for 3 months and when I received my supplements I also got a booklet of published clinical reports on MGN-3 and other cutting edge supplements distributed by Lane Labs.

Then about two months after my initial purchase I notice two starting things. 1 - I felt so much more energized and was handling stress better and 2 - Lane Labs updated their website and were making grandiose claims that MGN-3 "kills" cancer cells. UH OH! I knew that was going to come back to bite them, I just didn't know how bad...yet.

Remember what I said above NO Supplement can heal a person with cancer. ONLY the Immune System can do that. Then when it was time for me to re-order I tried to order six months worth but could only get two. Lane Labs was having problems importing the supplement from Japan. Seems their grandiose claim ruffled some feathers with the FDA.

I kept trying for almost two months to order more but their website said it was on back order. I was entering my 5th month and my cancer was shrinking. I was worried I couldn't get more. Then they sent me an email when I was just starting my last bottle that they just got a shipment in. I immediately ordered 7 bottles enough to finish out the year.


Near the beginning of 2002 I was completely healed of cancer and it has never come back. Then in about a year and a half later in 2004, MGN-3 was gone too. That claim Lane Labs had in all of their printed literature and on their website finally came back to bite them. The FDA, FTC and heavily armed agents of the DEA raided the Lane Labs facility in NJ.

All available products of MGN-3, Skin Answer (which healed sun-damaged skin), and Shark Cartilage, along with all printed literature, the clinical studies' booklet like I have, all computer hard drives and website servers, were all confiscated by the feds at gunpoint. All other products and literature remained. Then the owner was arrested and a lawsuit began.


Though Lane Labs is still in business they have moved to Florida and have changed their name to LaneInnovative. They no longer import MGN-3 or Skin Answer and they no longer make stupid grandiose claims. In fact the "C" word appears NO WHERE on their website. I guess they learned their lesson the hard way.

Let that be a lesson to you the affiliate marketer in the natural health and wellness niche. Never say that a natural product you are selling or promoting can "cure" any kind of disease. Again, only the body's immune system can do that. These products are meant to jump start and support immune system performance not replace it.

MGN-3 did kick my immune system into overdrive, as it did and does for everyone who takes it. But it was then my supercharged immune system supported by a healthier diet and lifestyle that healed me of cancer. MGN-3 is still available on Amazon but under the Daiwa Pharmaceutical brand name of BioBran.

There are also three other products with the same exact ingredients and dosage of MGN-3 that Daiwa Pharmaceutical makes for three different companies. They are BRM-4, Noxylane4 and Peak Immune4, each with different price points. The only one I have tried and my sister used to live 15+ years with stage 4 cancer was Noxylane4.


On my Facebook Profile Page is an invitation for a Free Viewing of a special 7-part documentary starting April 3rd by famous cancer researcher and author Ty Bollinger of The Truth About Cancer TTAC. This is not an affiliate link and I will make no money from this recommendation. But I want to educate people about the truth.

You can get to my Facebook profile by clicking the link on my WA Profile page in the lower right corner (you must scroll screen down) under where it says Follow Me On. I also feel that if you are in or are considering on being in the health and wellness niche, getting scientific and clinically proven information on therapies that work, can benefit your website content.

If you have any questions, comments, opinions, or stories you wish to share, leave them below. REMEMBER, I am not a doctor so please do not expect me to give you advice about healing you of any kind of disease. If you would like to know how to find a Naturopathic or other form of Alternative Doctor, I can point you to a website directory that will help.

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Dashnow Premium
I suffer from fibromyalgia and tried all the drugs approved for the condition. They either did not work or I could not tolerate the side affects. I went on to research and learn all I could about natural products to use. Even there one has to be careful because there are a lot of scammers who want your money for a product that does not work or contain the promised ingredients.

I am currently putting together a website to address just that. I am a nurse and well versed in the medical model. There is a need for it in some cases however they do not know everything. I believe in blending the best of both worlds. You also have to find a doctor who feels the same way. I am lucky to have found one.

I currently use mostly natural products for my fibro with much better success. I only take one drug that seems to help but in a very low dose. I have learned you must respect your body and treat it with care. Eat well, rest well, exercise and think kind thoughts.

I am happy that your cancer is gone and I agree that boosting your immune system probably did the trick as well as the lifestyle changes you did.

Stay well and take care.
boomergp08 Premium
A good friend of mine has fibromyalgia and once I showed her a blog from a doctor in CA showing proof that those with fibro are most likely Vitamin D deficient, she followed all the advice given by this doctor and has gone on to living better with it.
boomergp08 Premium
Oh, and in regards to learning about natural products to take, I never rely on companies that sell the product because there is a lot of bias and potential for being scammed.

I learn what needs to be taken and how much from doctors and researchers. Then I seek out trusted sources of the products. I have a couple of high quality low cost sources I have used for 25+ years,
Dashnow Premium
Yes am aware of this, thanks. We also have difficulty with absorption of various vitamins and minerals which contributes to the problem.
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome. And make sure the vitamin D you take is D3. Regular D and D2 have been shown to be less effective.

Do you take probiotics? Absorption issues mostly happen in the small intestines where the villi cannot pull in the nutrients.

Though there are several things you can do to enhance absorption such as avoid drinking tea, anything with caffeine, and alcohol at mealtimes, taking probiotics helps to restore good bacteria which is needed for absorption.
DarleneB Premium Plus
It's amazing what our doctors don't know or won't tell us. Thank goodness for the internet so we can read articles, like yours. Thank you for the info. I signed up for the 7-part documentary on your facebook page.
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Darlene. I am looking forward to seeing the documentary too. I am curious to see if they mention anything about the arabinoxylan compound I took from Japan. Also how turmeric which is consumed daily in India, helps to make cancer cells die.
BrendaMZ Premium Plus
Hey Robert, I am so glad that you wrote this post. We had a serious discussion about that in your other post. I read about it after you’ve guided me on the subject. Kind of reminded me of what happened to Kevin Trudeau, if you rember correctly FTC along with FDA shut his infomercals down, got busted and prison for fraud. Although your information is nothing like Kevin’s his book still selling, now its like 4 bucks fo get and worthless info in that book verus to the wealth of study and your experience with the product. In addition to dietary lifestyle changes. Thats a tough one, it takes discipline to stick to it. Thanks for sharing.
boomergp08 Premium
It was my pleasure to share this information. As many people as possible need to read it and share with others.

Yes a lifestyle change takes discipline. Most anything that requires time to mature takes discipline to succeed.

But if the only two actions to take are either change your lifestyle or get poison chemo and radiation treatments that could eventually kill you, a lifestyle change is much more attractive.

And seeing how 90-95% of all types of cancers stem from a poor lifestyle habits, logically changing those habits will eventually make you well.

Unlike Kevin Trudeau or Lane Labs, I can be a little more outspoken because I am not selling or promoting any kind of products;

This is why I am keeping my cancer website an information only website. No one can ever claim that I am saying what I am to promote a product I will make money from.
Stephanie-AR Premium
Hi Robert! I really appreciate having this info! My older sister Joy and my dear friend Jeanna both passed from cancer. Additionally, my grandson Colt just had a trip to the ICU, because he got the flu (virus) and an ear infection (bacterial) at the same time, and it threw his little body out of whack. At the time he was admitted, with DAK, his blood sugar was 533! He's home and fine now :) But he's also type 1 diabetic at this point.
I'm looking at Dr. Kelly's work with the pancreas and cancer treatments now. I'm wondering if pancreatic enzymes would help with Colt's condition also.......
So much wisdom is available, at our fingertips!
Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences with us :)
All the best,
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Stephanie. Sorry to hear about your family members passing from cancer. I know what that is like.

In regards to your grandson Colt, type 1 diabetes is no easy disease to treat. Unlike type 2 which can be totally reversed and managed without drug, type 1 needs insulin regularly.

The pancreatic enzymes "might" help but I suggest you ask Colt's doctor first. They could be too much for someone on insulin. But always do your research and present it to the doctors. Sometimes they need to be educated too from outside sources.
AfzalR Premium
Great post. I truly enjoyed reading your post
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you. Happy you enjoyed the knowledge I have shared.