How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing Without a Website


Though having your own website will greatly increase your chances of making even more money in your niche, I will explain how to make money in affiliate marketing without a website.


When you have your own affiliate marketing website you have the opportunity to reach billions of people all over the world. You also have the ability to make money without you being active on the internet at the time the sale is made. Basically with a website you can make money while you sleep.

Taking the training here at Wealthy Affiliate will give you this opportunity but in a much easier way. This is accomplished with training that is regularly updated to reflect the ever changing landscape of internet marketing and the extreme ease of creating your own website without having to be technically savvy.

By learning all of the techniques of Search Engine Optimization, SEO, and the ways to get traffic to your website, you will have the chance to reach everyone in the world who is looking for information in your chosen niche. Your website becomes your store front to the entire world 24 hours of every day.

When you have your own website up and running on the internet, filled with helpful content and getting traffic, you can easily monetize it by becoming free affiliates of the companies in your niche market. An affiliate marketing website will work for you, leaving you more time to make that website better or create another affiliate marketing website business.


There is no doubt that having your own website will make it easier to earn money in affiliate marketing, but did you know that there are many companies that do not require you to have a website to be their affiliate? This gives you another opportunity to make money online and it doesn’t even need to be in your niche.

Yes, it will be harder to make money in this manner but it can be done. Even the more advanced training here at Wealthy Affiliate can help in this endeavor, by teaching you the concepts of social media and email marketing. These are the two promotional engines I use to earn money outside of my website.

I do not have all of my money making eggs in one basket. I do make well more than my $299.00 yearly WA membership fee every single month from the WA affiliate program through my Bootcamp website. However I also earn money from other affiliate marketing programs that don’t require a website by way of social media and email marketing.


It will take a bit of research to find programs that do not require a website but the easiest way to know is to look for their affiliate FAQ page. When I do niche research content on my Bootcamp website I always look through the FAQ pages of companies I am researching to find out their commission and cookie amounts.

Not all companies with affiliate programs will have an FAQ page but many of them do. A standard question most often asked is, how can I make money with this program? Most times the answer will be, by placing links we provide to you for free onto your website. But sometimes there is another question asked.

Do I need a website to become an affiliate? About 98% of the time when I see this question posted in an affiliate program FAQ page the answer is, No you do not need a website. So if you have an interest in a niche but do not yet have a website for it, look to see if you need a website for a particular program.


The only reliable way to make money in affiliate marketing without a website is to utilize social media. By marketing on social media, and to a lesser extent via email marketing, you are getting your affiliate links out to the people on social media at the time of your posting.

Depending on the social media platform you choose to use will determine how long your posting will be visible. If you can get people to start following you, when they look at your page or profile they can see these postings with your links and could become interested in what you are offering.

I tend to share my links to targeted audiences by joining specific groups and communities in the niches of what I am offering. By following this approach I have been able to make, so far since March 2017, about $530.00 without using my website.

I realize that amount may not seem like a lot of money within a 6 month period to some of you, but it is proof that you do not need a website to make money in affiliate marketing. YES, having a website will earn you much MORE money and in a shorter period of time, but it is still possible to earn without one.


Some of you may have read my recent WA blog about doing niche research on the many health benefits of CBD Hemp Oil. If not you can click the link to it at the bottom of this post. In that post I told you of the almost immediate health benefits I experienced after trying some of the oil myself.

I immediately became an affiliate of the company whose oil I tried because they did not require me to have a website about CBD Hemp Oil. Though I will be creating a niche website on the many health benefits of CBD, I am able to start making money right now before that website is even up and running.

I have been promoting my affiliate link on Facebook and Twitter for those who would want to try the same CBD oil that took away my lower back pain. Though I just started promoting my affiliate link in mid-July 2017, I have already received several sales and my commission amount is increasing – all without a website.

The best part is that I have seen a couple of postings on Facebook of people who have used the same oil I used and they are saying that they are getting relief from their chronic back pains. Making money from this new niche without a website as of yet is great, but seeing others getting benefits from the oil is even better in my opinion.


I am still a believer that you will make far more money in affiliate marketing with a niche website, and I encourage you to take the training here at Wealthy Affiliate because IT WORKS! But if you are searching Google for affiliate programs in a niche you are interested in, see if a website is needed.

If you find a program that does not require you to have a website you could start to make a little bit of money from that program prior to getting your website up and running. That is what I am doing with my new niche of CBD Hemp Oil Health Benefits.

I have had many people say to me, let me know when your CBD website is online and I will buy from you. The beauty of this particular affiliate program other than the high quality and effectiveness of the product, is that I can start making money on it now before my website goes live by just sharing my affiliate link.

This is exactly the same way a member here at WA can start earning money in the WA affiliate program. You do not need to have a WA Bootcamp website to earn commissions from referrals to Wealthy Affiliate. Just share your affiliate link with those who might be interested.

To read my WA blog I mentioned above about the research I did in my new niche market, click the link below. Doing niche research for affiliate programs on Google can be even more rewarding than just becoming an Amazon affiliate. Give it a try if you have not already.

It Truly Pays to do Your Research

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