Friday the 13th - A Lucky Day in WA Earnings

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I am sure you know of the superstition of Friday the 13th as being unlucky. Well that is not true for many people and it wasn't for me on Friday September 13th, 2019. I have both Wealthy Affiliate and most of its members to thank for it. What am I talking about?


Wealthy Affiliate offers us multiple ways to make money from home. You can take the training, build yourself a niche website, and make money from it doing affiliate marketing. You can take the SEO and content writing techniques you learn from the WA training and freelance your skills to other website owners.

There is also a way for all Premium Members to earn money internally at WA by gaining Cash Credits. This can be accomplished through three ways. Through domain registrations and renewals to anyone who you refer to WA, through giving Site Comments as a Certified Commenter, and by reaching 5 separate credit levels for training you have created.

I just recently did two training tutorials on how to use and become a certified WA commenter using the Site Comments platform. This can earn you cash credits of $0.50 for every two comments you leave on other members websites. However, you can earn much more cash credits for your training tutorials once they reach 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 cash credit levels.

  • 10 Tutorial Cash Credit Level 1 = $5.00
  • 20 Tutorial Cash Credit Level 2 = $10.00
  • 30 Tutorial Cash Credit Level 3 = $15.00
  • 40 Tutorial Cash Credit Level 4 = $20.00
  • 50 Tutorial Cash Credit Level 5 = $25.00

Ever since I started creating training tutorials here within WA, around the middle of 2015, I have never earned as much in one day from just my tutorials alone. I was pleasantly shocked to see on Saturday the 14th that on Friday the 13th I earned a total of $115.00 from 10 different training tutorials that reached the next level in credits for payout.

The image above shows the 10 tutorials I earned $115.00 from and I added an additional $1.00 for leaving four comments through Site Comments. I had seven tutorials that reached the payout for 20 credits or $10.00 and three that reached 30 credits or $15.00. It is important to note that this achievement did not happen quickly. This has been building since 2016.

The most you will get paid at one time per tutorial is $25.00 and through the entire course of it earning credits, you can earn up to $75.00 per tutorial. I can now take that $115.00 plus whatever I make from Site Comments and cash that out to my WA Affiliate Program payment portal before the end of this month so I can receive it into my PayPal account on Oct. 1st.


The credit levels rise in your tutorials based on how many views, likes and comment interactions they get. Everyone who creates training here inside WA can monitor the progress of the credit levels of each tutorial training they do. Clicking on the Training tab at the top of your profile screen will access the trainings you have created

As is seen in the above image of one of my 77 tutorials, there is a little blue bar meter under the image. When this bar fills all the way to the right because of community activity with it, my credit level will go from Level 3 / 30 Credits to Level 4 / 40 Credits and the blue bar meter will be cleared in the starting position. I will then get paid $15.00 for the 30 Credits achieved.

If you want to see success with the earnings of your training tutorials it is important to create training that adds value to the learning experience here within WA. Don't create training that has already been created by Kyle, Jay and others, unless you can add value to them with new information that brings better clarity. And be as detailed as possible.

Those of you who have read my training tutorials know that I put much effort into them. I personally prefer doing written tutorials but others like doing video training. Whichever you choose to do make sure they are of quality and helps the reader / watcher learn something NEW that will help them in their make money online efforts.

How To Find Keyword Ranking In Google

For example, in the tutorial above I explain something that many newbies wonder about but is not taught in Kyle's training. I explain why typing your keyword into Google does not give you the same results as Jaaxy. Then I explain / show you how to search Google correctly, so the results will be much closer if not exact to Jaaxy.

Building an affiliate marketing website is not the only type of website you can build at WA to make yourself some money. You can build e-commerce sites and any other type of site you wish. Many members here may sell on eBay like I used to or are thinking of starting. This is where I took my outside WA money making knowledge and added value to the community.

How To Sell And Make Money On eBay Part 2

The above link was to one of three separate tutorials I did helping people to get started selling on eBay the correct way and offered tips on what to sell and where to find them. When you create quality training that people can learn something new from, you will get more interaction and thus your training credits will continue to grow for years to come.

There is a lot to WA that can help us to "earn while we learn" and help offset the cost of membership. However, this will take time to implement and should NOT be done in a rushed manner. Results happen from quality not from some quick effort. - If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. Thank You!

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I have just started creating training, and I didn't understand how the payment works, but this explanation makes it clear. Thanks for that!

I agree with Dave that your tutorials rock! They're very well written and explain things clearly - just like your blog posts.

I need to go through them all again. :)

- Christina

Thank you Christina. It was my pleasure to clearly explain the training payment process. Best of luck with your training tutorials.

Hey Rob, you break it down professionally with simplicity, and you always give value when you show up, thanks!

Your training on how to find keyword ranking in Google boosted my website and business, and me and my Team members, thank you for that.

As a Lazy blogger, lol.. is difficult not to follow your trainings, and insights when building a business. Kyle and Carson have created something that never seen before, and the experts like you, Jay and many others, complete what they have built.

I Appreciate You!

You are welcome Bishop and thank you for your kind words. I use what Kyle and Carson have created here as a way to give back to this awesome community. It is an honor to help people to learn and to grow their businesses.

I know that you have created some fantastic training here. You've even trained the trainer's. Thank you.Jim

You are welcome Jim and I am happy you have liked my training tutorials.

Wow! I had no idea. That's an eye opener.

A lot of WA members still do not know that this is possible.

Love your trainings Robert. I have seen them all

Thank you Catherine for the support.

I have read several tutorials and will do so with others as I move forward. Good reminder.

Thanks. Doing tutorials isn't for everyone and those who do create them should do so for the helping of others and not just to make a quick buck. Only create training when you feel comfortable and ready to do so.

Thank you very much Rob, I recently did my first tutorial. I have done very well tomorrow, I will publish the next one. I feel very happy with my advances within the platform. I hope to follow your steps.

Congratulations on your first tutorial Claudio. Feeling comfortable with your advances in the training and knowledge should always come first before doing any training as it will help in its creation.

What do you consider training? Is that useful information you have for the members ?
Where do you post your trainigs and do you have to consult Kyle to post them or not?

It is something that expands the training here. No you don't need to consult anyone

Training are the written and video tutorials that many members create to enhance the core training here done by Kyle.

When you click the pencil icon above one of the selections is to Create Training. Selecting that will give you the option to do a written tutorial, which all of mine are, or a video training.

If the training you create meets the standards of creating such training, it will be posted to the community. Depending on how good it is, the faster the credit level will rise.

You do not have to consult Kyle but your training should apply to making money online, affiliate marketing, SEO and any other aspect associated with WA.

OK Thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

You are welcome.

Wow. A powerful post that hopefully will motivate lots of people.

You are welcome Joe. I hope it motivates others too.

I had no idea you could make real money from providing training. Thanks for your excellent exposition and work over these years.


Yes you can make real money from creating training inside WA. To a lesser amount you can earn real money for having referrals register and renew domains here at WA and by giving comments inside Site Comments as a Certified WA Commenter.

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