New Year's

Last Update: December 31, 2014

It's New Year's eve. Well, for some of the world only for a few hours and not even for other parts. Here's a time where New Year's is celebrated locally, if one celebrates it, and it happens every hour like clockwork in some different time zones for hours. I'm not sure but I think there are 24 time zones. And by the time the last time zone begins, it is the next day in the first.

I tend to think global. For many of my Facebook friends, New Year's happens hours before it does in my time zone, yet some later. Friends in Australia, Asia, celebrate it very early. And it is more of a countdown period and then festivities early morning than something someone does later in the day, during the daily hours.

I've now adapted New Year's begins when the first time zone is in the New Year. Even if mine isn't quite there, something that happens in a part of the world where it is officially 12:00:00 in the next calendar year means part of the Earth where we live is in the new year. When the hour comes for our zone, some will celebrate.

Yes, I don't celebrate the new year. Things are ghastly expensive. I'm going to a jazz club that charges $35 cover on Saturday, Jan 2, yet if I see the 10 pm show on Dec 31, it is $295. All to get maybe a better dinner and to yell Happy New Year when the globe is already in New Year's. I don't really celebrate it as some people do.

If it is a new beginning for some, makes a way to really focus and start anew, great. But for me we can do that any time, any day. Just say, I now begin an new path and take action. And a new year begins for most people on their birthday. With that said, I wish all well here in the new year. Though in actuality, I always wish you well, regardless of what official day or time it is.


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Christabelle Premium
Have A Blessed and Happy New Year!
jazminf Premium
Thank you Ben, Wish you all the best in 2015:)
bmusic Premium
Wishing you the best always, let each day bring something good for you.
Judy-B Premium
Wish you the best in 2015 too. I don't do any celebrating either. Might stay up till midnight, we'll see. lol :)
JennPGD Premium
This year, I'm back in Europe but I've changed my strategy. So, it will be my beloved family back home and me here alone and the fireworks from the neighbours. That's my New Year celebration this year. :))

Happy New Year to you and yours. Let's have some fun in 2015. I know I am going to have more fun. :))

Marith Premium
Like you I don't celebrate the new year either. Not because I don't want to, but because I own a bar and am working all night there. At least I get to see everybody else celebrate, so not too bad.
Wish you a happy new year and enjoy the jazz on Jan 2.
bmusic Premium
Thanks, I'll enjoy it for far less too!