Last Update: December 20, 2017

Okay so I have been working on my website, and while I don't have a ton of content, I feel I do have a good foundation started.

I am working on monetizing my blog, and I'm overwhelmed with how to do that. I have a few product reviews from affiliates, but according to Google Analytics, I'm not getting any traffic to my website. Shouldn't I be getting traffic due to SEO and keyword optimization?

These last few days I have been trying to get AdSense and AdWords campaigns going. That is bringing traffic to my site, but the average visiting duration is 21 seconds. Ugh. I'm hoping that will change as time goes on.

Anyway I'm very frustrated. I feel that if I'm gonna do something, I might as well do it right the first time. But things are definitely not going as planned, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or how to fix it.

If anyone wants to help and take a look at my site, you can visit http://livethedoglife.com. Help!!!

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CraigO1 Premium
From what I understand it takes some time for google to trust you to rank you high. They look for consistent content over a period of time and once they see that then the rankings and traffic will come. Patience is key as I read it. many give up after a few months of seeing minimal results when things are just ready to start picking up. I have read many different articles on affiliate marketing in addition to what I read on WA and that is a re-occuring theme, lack of patience and giving up too soon.

I know it can be difficult to be patient because we want to see results so I am battling the same thing. I've got 16 posts of content so far and still not getting traffic. I have a few affiliate links but not many as I've decided to work on more consistent content first and then when I start getting traffic I'll concentrate on monetizing the site better. I want to see if I can develop some readership for awhile then if it does not come i'll consider moving to another niche.

I'm sure you'll get better advice from some of the more seasoned veterans here but I do understand what you're going through and can only relate what i am trying. Until the traffic comes I'm researching and writing content and working through through the lessons.

Hang in there,
Nkaujzeb Premium
You are not alone. I'm frustrated because I'm trying to get my static page to work correctly. I have content but I like a better static page because right now I don't have one or it's confusing or boring to others when they go to my website.

It's time consuming when you're trying to make content and updating your website. Analytics is telling me the same thing and two days ago I got an email from Amazon telling me. Hey your not getting enough traffic, and no qualify sales we'll be canceling your status in 90 days.

Yeah no pressure right. _._
coxscastle Premium
Hello Betty my name is Michael cox and I'm not very good at giving feedback on websites but I also couldn't find any content. I think google Adsense is good and your you tube ads are good but I am thinking that what google is looking for is actual content on your site. Lord knows I can't be a critic my site could use help also. I hope this helps. Good luck. Michael cox
front9agency Premium
Hi Betty,

It's very easy to get overwhelmed, but it looks like you've done most of the training, or you wouldn't have gotten this far. It takes time to build traffic and make that first sale. I know, once that got going for me, it was really inspiring. I've been here 6 months and am only now beginning to make some affiliate sales.

At first glance, I would say you need a bit more graphic interest on your site. On my monitor, the ad at the top takes up as much space as your header and navigation, and it's the only thing with visual interest "above the fold" that I see when your site loads. I'm pretty sure the WP theme you are using allows for a header (or masthead) image at the top of the screen. Check out the "dog" search at a free stock site like Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/search/photos/dog - there are literally hundreds of photos you could grab there and make the top of the site more compelling (or even a picture of your own furry friend). Some themes even give the ability to have a randomized photo rotation in the header/masthead area which is great as well.

I think doing this will also drive viewer's eyes to the navigational menu as well - probably encouraging to them to click through your website's content. You could also link to some of your recent posts within the content on the main page...and keep that updated from time to time.

Once that's done, I'd say to move the adsense down below your content (or just remove the one that appears at the top of your website pages and keep the one at the bottom). You want visitors to read your content first and foremost - not click off via an adsense banner.

Finally, I would create your own user for yourself vs. adding blog posts and replying to comments as admin. That's covered in the training, and it adds a nice personal touch throughout your site so people get to know you as the voice behind "Live The Dog Life". It's just better when you write posts and reply to comments as "Betty" vs "Admin".

I hope this helps - I always look at my own site and ask myself "what would make me want to click any of these links to products and buy because of what I've seen here?". It helps a lot to do honest assessments of what you're creating.

Feel free to message me anytime with questions!
- Jason
bmatson12 Premium
Thank you so much for your detailed feedback. Much appreciated!
Arielw1 Premium
You are not alone. Every single member here I’m sure had dealt with frustration at one point or another.....
Im frustrated right now because I’ve been also having issues with wordpress plugins working right etc.....
Don’t give up, keep pushing thru and know that if you stick it out it well worth it when you look back!