Mistakes To Avoid On Your 'About' Page

Last Update: Dec 29, 2013


It can be a puzzle to know exactly how to pitch your 'About' or 'About Me' page.

When writing you may want to consider the three following questions.

Who am I?
What can I do for you, the visitor?
How can I be contacted?

Be aware that when you're writing about who you are - readers don't want your life history. The focus should be on the reader.

Shown below are mistakes that you should avoid making with your 'About' page.

You can view the full-sized infographic here

Recent Comments


Thank you for the guidelines to follow, this helps tremendously to avoid the over thinking process!

No problem Darlene. Glad you like it.


Depending perhaps on the niche (if you are a 'celebrity' this is probably very different - but I never understood celebrity following), no one gives a rats patooti about you. They came to your site to get something - a product, information, etc. How many people actually read your 'about me page'?
Put it up, short and sweet (I'm Kandy, and I like things") - and spend your time on content.


Actually If I like the first page I land on - then I always go to the about page. But I agree not everyone does. I don't even have one on one of my sites which contradicts the advice here. Now I'm rethinking it.

Who knows? My sites are under construction, but one thing I am going to track is exactly that - who clicks on the 'about me' stuff? might be interesting...

It will be interesting to see.

Thanks beverley, always good to be reminded of how it should be done. Will check mine again it was done awhile a go.

Thanks Dave. Hope you find it useful.

Very nice infographic as always. I am thinking you have thousands of those hidden somewhere....lucky you. I have very few of those as well..lol..I do think it enhances the article or blog. Thank you again for sharing this information.

Mel - I don't have any hidden unfortunately. It takes me too long to produce them.

I researched and created this one today. I agree they look good with a blog. I just need to start doing more for myself - LOL

Darn it...lol...Wouldn't it be nice if we have a lot of those hidden that we can just go back in a snap to use any of them? Excellent job with your infographics! Another one of your other skills. Thank you for so much for sharing all your knowledge to us.

Thanks Mel. I wish I could claim it is all my knowledge but it isn't. I'm just very good at researching what some of the prominent internet marketers are saying and turning into a visual.

Mistake No. 7. - That's probably the easiest one to get wrong. I think I'm guilty (going to check now). The other ones I passed.

I agree. It's certainly the one I see people getting wrong most often.

You do know I have your info-graphics printed out and pinned to my wall :) (I just read that back, and it sounds a bit creepy! Honestly it's meant not meant to be - it's mean to be a compliment!)

As always Beverley, sound advice - I need to re-read, implement and amend my pages.

Thank you,


Thanks Mark. You're not the only one and I have them printed too. About time - I started following all this advice too!

Hello Beverly, I hope you had a nice Christmas. Your post is right on, like always. Thanks for the pointers........one more item added to my work load.

Hi John. It came and it went. Hope you had a good time.

LoL - I need to look at my about page as well! (One site - I don't even have one - so I had better get writing)

You hit the nail on the head!

Thanks Joe

Beverly, great advise. Thanks for sharing. Debbie

Thanks for taking the time to comment Debbie. Glad you like it.

Thanks for pointing those things out, I will probably go to my about pages and change some wording and stuff.

Thanks Marjorie. Hope you find it useful. I certainly need to rethink my own!

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