What I've Learned in WA - 1st week.

Last Update: March 26, 2015

Hello guys.It's my first blog post in WA.It's not actually anything important.Just sharing my experiences within WA after being a member for a week.(It's been a week?damn!)

I am a grad student myself who was having a tough time spelling 'affiliate' a week ago.And I can only get 2 hours worth of free time everyday.But recently I'm proud of myself because i have been learning something good.Something that can change my outlook towards life.
I really felt that i should share this because this may include the doubts many newbies have when they join WA.

This is just for the new members who are students like myself and not for the marketers who are now making a fortune.(Beware guys,we will catch up to you in no time...lol)

Listen,the only purpose of this blog post is to motivate you a little if possible and solving your basic doubts as much as i can.If you want the technical solution you may want to visit the blog posts and training courses by senior members here.(They are exceptionally well written and truly amazing)

All the points discussed here are actually extracted from the blog posts of senior and experienced faculties.

These are some of the doubts that pops up in newbies mind almost frequently.So,let's begin :


Cool,let's learn together!

You may think that everybody present here in WA is jack-of-all trades.But hell no,they all started out with nothing.And look where they are now!!It all takes time.

One more thing,you are better than the rest of WA members in one aspect or other.You are unique.And i get it that you think otherwise ,but believe me you are going to re-consider that in a few weeks.


If you are struck at choosing a niche just go with whatever comes in your mind that interests you.You have to believe in your gut instincts for this.

It took me nearly 3 days to figure that my niche out.

Take a pen & paper and note down whatever interests you or the things you do everyday.Even the unnoticed activities you do can become your niche.
For example,I have an avid interest in anime.So,i can choose a 1000 sub-niches under it like cosplays,merchandises,streaming videos,conventions blah blah.


Don't worry.Nor do I.It all comes with the experience. :D

Are you behaving the same way when you were a toddler?No,right?It is dependent on the influence of the people you grow up with.Here in WA everybody is like your parents,they just want you to do your best.

Research about your topic everyday for a week and you will find yourself much more educated in your topic than 90% of the world.

Be proud of your style and creativity in writing.There are millions out there who just want the article to be 'your way'.


Seriously?Look at the post you are reading right now.Do you think it is the brand ambassador of quality?I think NOPE.But i believe i can improve drastically on my way up.

People are not looking for the Shakespeare or the Wordsworth in you.They just want you to be as simple,reliable and friendly as possible.


You see,That's where you have gone wrong.If you want quick money then this is not the right place.WA is for the long run.And there is nothing called as 'quick money'. The marketers are not dumb enough to offer huge lump sum for the little tasks you do.

For simplicity's sake,As an affiliate marketer you make money by promoting your affiliate products.
Consider an example,you are at your house sipping a cup of coffee.A strange man comes at your doorstep and insist you to buy something.Like real bad!!
They say how it is going to revolutionize the world but did not say anything about the change that the product can bring in your lifestyle.
Your first thoughts will be "What a freako!I'm not buying that crap". But instead,consider your best friend coming at your house to sell you the same product.
He can explain the uses of that product in your daily life because he knows you better than any other person.

That's it folks.Trust is the ultimate factor in building a website.Be sure to provide value and service to the visitors and get them to know better for a first couple of months.
They will ultimately turn into your potential customers.No Doubt.


Guess what?Nobody is.You will only attain perfection only after of years of experience.You know how you can say 'A to Z' without any problems.You have mastered it all along the way.With each year of your growth,your fluency has been increased.

Same is going to happen here.WA is only the catalyst of your growth.


1) Do not waste your time and try to spend it productively.Whatever you learn in here,try to implement it as quick as possible.
The chances are you are going to forget it and you have to go through the entire course again for a simple stuff.

2) Always have a pen and paper with you.Your brain may be triggered by some posts and you have to write down that billion dollar idea.

3) While reading a blog post or going through a tutorial,a sudden doubt arises in your mind.What you have to do is comment your doubt in the comment-section below or better,go to live chat and ask the active members about it.
Do not let that doubt haunt your mind and consume your valuable time.

Well,that's it for now.I know I'm speaking big for a newcomer and i realize that my English is poor but feel free to correct me at any time.All your help will be much appreciated.
After all,WA works under the give and take mechanism.
I have to go now start my website training tutorial (Yeah,I am a bit slow).
I will make another post after a month about what i have learned in WA.
Wish you success.Thanks for reading.

Here is a little meme to cheer you up!!

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Loes Premium
Looks to me you have some expertise:)!
Well written Bharathnair.
Love your closure picture.
Keep going, success!
bharathnair Premium
Thanks Loes. I think i have to improve myself a lot.Wishing you success.
Great blog, very helpful for newbies like me! Thanks for posting :)
bharathnair Premium
As you see I'm a newbie myself.So,it's easy to understand what problems people are facing in the same level.Glad this could be of your help.I wish you success.Cheers!!
Kathy331 Premium
A great motivating blog and well written, thanks for posting. :)
bharathnair Premium
Thank you very much.Feel free to correct any flaws that you have spotted.
Marith Premium
This was an excellent first post bharatnair, well written and very useful. Well done!
bharathnair Premium
Thank you very much.I really wanted to write an blog post that will improve my writing skills (which is now gradually increasing from zero ..lol...). In fact this was my first in my entire life.I will be very happy if somebody get some actual benefit from this.Wishing you success..!!
kevinmj Premium
Great post with some very helpful advice! Wishing you every success.
bharathnair Premium
Thank you!! Wishing you the same.