Yippee, I got ranked!

Last Update: December 29, 2014

Yippee! I can't believe it! I got Ranked!

OK, so not page 1 of Google yet, but hey give me a chance. I am coming. I am very excited and more inspired to keep going. I have only been back a few short weeks, and went round and round with the niche and keyword thing, well still am doing that, but the one thing I found that helped that was Jaaxy. Jaaxy has been unbelievably fantastic to help me focus and get the keywords that work. I did upgrade to pro with Jaaxy. And, no, I cannot afford it at this point, but I cannot afford not to. If you are really serious about making money online, and with affiliate marketing etc then you really should consider the small expense of Jaaxy Pro at the least. I am going to do another blog on why later, but this one is getting ranked.

Not my obvious starting place

It's funny because the first website I have started with is one that I didn't even consider. But as things work out, this is my starting place. All my ones that I am so passionate are still formulating around in my head, working out things. This one just happened because I really love the product, and it just seemed like a good idea at the time. Also good to get my feet wet, so to speak, then I can really work on my passions.

Content is king

It really is. And yes it is slow, but better to put the time into good articles that get ranked than spending time on images and making it look good.

So, I only have a couple of pages up on my website and lots of tweaking to do, but it is a start. When I finished my page last night, I went to Jaaxy and did a site rank. Well, you can guess. Not found. Gee, I have only just published the page. Well, I did say I am a manifesting generator.

Well, this morning I get up and decide to write a post. My site health said I needed to write more regularly and so that is what I am doing. So when I had finished my post, an hour later, I went back to Jaaxy and did another site rank.

Voila! Guess what?

It is now ranked. OK, page 13, position 121. What does that mean. It means I am off and running. It can only get better and easier. And it will, because it has only been a few weeks, and only just a few pages so far.

So, Don't Give Up

This small success helps erase a bit of doubt that this will work. And when I get my first sale, that will erase all doubt. This inspires me to keep going. Keep doing the keyword search, keep doing the writing, keep smiling, keep breathing, and keep having fun. The money will come.

If anyone would like to comment on my post, or website, so far, and help me get interaction please do so. I would love your feedback.


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mwilly Premium
Go ahead with your bad-self.
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love it, thanks
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That's great. Keep it up and you will be on page 1beforemyou know it.
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Congrats! :)
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You go, girl!
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Congratulations :)
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Thank you. I think there are a few issues. Can't seem to leave a comment. But hey,..