3 Months in WA and Still No Niche!

Last Update: April 05, 2014

3 Months in W.A. and No Niche!....

That is until today......... and a very warm and special thank you to Ed Cronin and his wife "Nana".

For 3 months in WA I've pondered over my niche (and for many years prior to joining too). I asked questions in WA, got answers and offers of help straight away, and still I wasn't 100% certain about my passion.

Ed Cronin stepped in and offered me help via my first ever Google Hangout. Firstly, I learned a lot about Google Hangouts but I also learned a lot about my computer microphone settings and drivers, as I could hear Ed but unfortunately Ed could not hear me. Ed persevered for hours and helped me fix this issue. He then got back on line with me at about 1.30 a.m. USA time and started helping me with my niche – I did not expect him to do this - we started at 6.30 p.m. the evening before by the way.

Secondly, Ed helped me find my "calling" and decide 100% on my niche. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Ed.

We talked about where I worked and what my hobbies and passions were. I don't think Ed believed I didn't have any hobbies or passions and we kept talking. Then I said "Ed - what I really and truly enjoy is helping people. If I find something that can genuinely help people, I can shout it out to the world".

Ed's reply is still going through my head "I believe Berny that you belong in Bootcamp".

I always thought, but now I am convinced, that I can help working Moms (Mums) and Dads get away from the "roller coaster" way of life and start making money on line, eventually freeing up quality time to spend with their family and having time for themselves too. You'll need to go through the hard times first though to build your business to enjoy the blessings you will get in return.

Ed – your dedication, tenacity and willingness to help is absolutely second to none. I could have talked to you for hours and hours. I had very special visitors dropping in who only pass this way once in a while, and Ed fully understood. It's a shame Nana went to bed because if she hadn't I would have "hit her up" for some Cajun recipes. There's always tomorrow Nana, I won't let you off the hook that easily! I reckon Ed might have had quite a few recipes anyway, but I'll save that for another time!

Well, off to make dinner, then off to Bootcamp I go, wish me luck.............. please. My passion is helping others and learning how to run your own business on line. (Hope I'm not preaching that to the converted).

Some of you may be asking "Why didn't you just start in Bootcamp in the beginning then?" That is because some WA'ers (albeit kindly) were telling me it is the wrong place to start due to the high level of competition. Unfortunately (or fortunately – who knows) it is my passion and............ I have been told this in courses before – it's too hard – well guess what? It's my passion and I know I can make it work! Kyle previously told me it can be done too... but I ignored this, thinking it was too hard, as I had been told this so many times before in my life. Sorry for not listening to you Kyle.

Ed helped me to realise this!

Again, my sincere thanks Ed. It was awesome talking with you! I have a favourite saying in life and that is "your blood's worth bottling" and yours is. Just like Penfolds Grange – Ed – you will know what I am talking about.

Ed, as Nana was an English teacher and helps you with your business - maybe she can point out any errors in my blog so I can improve on my skills in the future. I also may call on Nana to write some articles when time starvation hits my life, in particular as she offers this service and is part of WA alongside you.

Well there goes – my first ever blog post – written just minutes after chatting with you - Ed Cronin. I told you I could take off on the right foot when I realized my passion.

I can only go upwards from here...........

It took me 30 minutes to type this blog post, if I can do it – anyone can!



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Starcreator Premium
That's great that you found your path. Everyone starts at WA with different life experiences. Some of us might think it is too hard to start off in the make money niche, because we don't have enough experience to write about it yet. Others might do well at it if they can figure out what to write about. Good luck to you.
Timshazz Premium
Nice one guys. Another example of the WWA family helping each other out. Good luck Berny sounds like you've found yur direction
Berny W Premium
I can't wait - and I've got 2 weeks annual leave coming up week after next. I am flying a natural high..... Why the new avatar I liked the old one!
nomda ploom Premium
enjoy the ride now that you have found your focus...
Berny W Premium
Thank you - Ed is so inspiring!
Trialynn Premium
Happy to hear that Ed would help you. Will be watching for the extraordinary stuff you develop!