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Did that headline catch your attention? Did it make you want to open the email? Hi Team - I'm just doing a bit of work on headlines for my email list when I get one. I'm told catchy email headlines get opened! Just wondering if you would be good enough to help me out? If this subject header made you open the email hastily/(quickly), can you please either comment below, or at least hit the "like" button. I want to gather some data on what makes people open emails rather than look at the subje
I have been a member of WA for months now and I have had problems getting my time management skills just right beause I am extremely busy. But I think I now have it down pat. In the morning I get up half an hour earlier than usual and I read through all the new questions I receive on email. If I can answer it I do, if I cannot and I don't need to know the answer at this point, I just delete it. If I think it will come in useful in the future I tag it as important in my emails and go back to
I just wondered how many people here at WA had heard Alan Jackson's song about one of the saddest occasions I can remember - September 11.... My son just had an issue with his cowboy hat not fitting properly, and he had a "hissie fit" and being me, I reminded him of all the people in the world with bigger issues than him. I remember driving to work that morning South Australian time about 8.00 a.m. and hearing the news on the car radio. I pulled off the road and listened to the tragic news and
Hi - hope you've had a better day than me.... Achieved every chore as a working Mum all weekend, and got the Sunday roast in the oven at 4.00 p.m. - day going well. Just about to sit down and get into WA - Yells from the paddock - horse going down with colic. Vet on a Sunday = $500 poorer. Horse trod on my sore foot (a whole one tonne of him - not sure if it is broken - will find out tomorrow) threw me into a pile of rocks (bit sore) and nearly killed the vet! After sedation - all went we
3 Months in W.A. and No Niche!.... That is until today......... and a very warm and special thank you to Ed Cronin and his wife "Nana". For 3 months in WA I've pondered over my niche (and for many years prior to joining too). I asked questions in WA, got answers and offers of help straight away, and still I wasn't 100% certain about my passion. Ed Cronin stepped in and offered me help via my first ever Google Hangout. Firstly, I learned a lot about Google Hangouts but I also learned a lot ab