Articles Don't Make Money Until They Are Written

Last Update: October 02, 2019

You're in Hawaii... laying on the sandy beach, with the sand between your toes, the 90-degree weather, but a cool breeze from the oceans makes it a perfect balance between hot and cold, sipping on a sweet coconut with a taste so fresh it blows your mind!

Then you you hear the faint sound of a phone ringing... it's very faint at first and you just ignore it... it gets louder and louder. You close your eyes for just a split second, and when you open your eyes, your cell phone is on the floor in front of you ringing. You look around and realize you are still at home... sitting on your coach... doing absolutely nothing...

That grand Hawaii vacation was a dream, you imagined the whole thing... and snap back to reality. You have gone nowhere. Your same problems are still there. You are still unhappy with where your life has ended up and you go back to your 'regular' life.

So... what's the point?

That story illustrates that you cannot simply think about doing something and expect it to become a reality.

You need to take action to make ANYTHING happen.

One common problem I get from new students is the need to MASTER a process before engaging. That is the guaranteed way to fail.

There is no need to be a master at website creation, no need to be a great 'writer' to be an effective blogger, no need to be great at photoshop, or computers or tablets or **insert your excuse here**

The most important thing you can do with your burgeoning online business is to start writing articles. The articles don't have to be perfect. They don't have to be great, they just have to be written.

"Great content" will always rank.

"Good Content" will rank.

"Average content" can rank

"Poor content" might rank.

"No content" WILL NEVER rank.

Fight past the mindset that you have to be 'excellent' to be a good blogger... just blog! Throw caution to the wind and take massive action.

It is the only way that you will make money. Your business, your website, your articles will not make any money until you write them.

Take control,

Chris M

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Carson2 Premium
Very nice post and great comment about this.
Cdelahoz Premium
Very True!

Great Post & Motivation Chris
muhammab Premium
Microphone drop!
JeffGnagy Premium
wmac Premium
Chris, thanks for this post. It reminds us to keep writing and don't quit. I must admit that self doubt creeps in often. But hearing it from you means a lot because you're became successful at it.
Lazyblogger Premium Plus
I could not have said it better, and if you follow WA (aka Magistuduis) 7 SEO steps when posting, it would put you ahead of your competitors. Thank you for the encouragement, Chris.