Looks Like I Made My First Sale

Last Update: September 26, 2019

It's a marathon, not a sprint. It's been a journey and I have so far to go.

I have found myself making tedious changes and being very meticulous with everything I write or publish. The organic traffic isn't there yet - my social media is just now starting. My goal initially was to get some really good content and UX then start to trickle in organic traffic and have something worthy of pushing with social media.

I tried to keep realistic expectations. I carefully made sure that I stuck with my original content plan (being honest and helping people with their best interests) and also partnering with organizations or promotions that met my value sets.

I didn't know when I would see anything but I got an unexpected sale at the beginning of the week. I have products from a direct sales organization that I promote and link through relevant posts and I got an email that someone made a purchase.

I read through my analytic stats and looks like they clicked through the post and went through my funnel to my product page - boom! they made a purchase (it was a really smart one with a very good product). Looks like they did their homework and I helped them along the way.

It's one small win, hopefully they continue to purchase as a repeat customer (that's good for my ROI and income). I got a while to turn a profit but its one small step forward.

Here is to everyone's success! Wishing You The Best!

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DarrenNicola Premium
Hello and congrats on your progress and success.
It is wonderful to see the success that others like yourself are having.
That is because the training does work, sometimes it may be quicker for some and a bit slower for others.
Keep up the good progress, you are doing great.
Darren :)
benjaminpate Premium
Thanks for the encouraging words
Bald Eagle Premium
Great feeling isn't it?
benjaminpate Premium
Yes Sir
Joes946 Premium
Great job.
benjaminpate Premium
Thanks Joe!
ExpatMark Premium
From little acorns, mighty oaks grow.

Making a living, making a difference.
benjaminpate Premium
Thanks Mark!
Dave-S Premium
Congratulations. After I made my first sale (not much), I was ecstatic. Then things grew from there. It was a slow process, and now I have repeat customers.
benjaminpate Premium
great to hear - thanks for your input