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November 08, 2019
Has anyone had success backlinking to each others websites (where appropriate). Its a particular area that I have not yet explored. I have mainly tried to build content and website design structure. I know there are backlinking factors involved in how sites are ranked. I even dug in some sites on articles that can be ranked fairly high and reviewed some of thier backlinks.My non scientific conclusion. It does play a part, maybe more so as the sites ages and has more content but it does see
September 26, 2019
It's a marathon, not a sprint. It's been a journey and I have so far to go.I have found myself making tedious changes and being very meticulous with everything I write or publish. The organic traffic isn't there yet - my social media is just now starting. My goal initially was to get some really good content and UX then start to trickle in organic traffic and have something worthy of pushing with social media.I tried to keep realistic expectations. I carefully made sure that I stuck with my
Its been several months since I have joined WA. Its been a journey. I modified my niche, changed themes, had to make bigger changes to the structure of my page, sold my house and moved 700 miles away to be closer to family yadda yadda.Life can come at your quickly. I always had a plan or vision for what I wanted to do and it has been slow. I slowed things down to focus entirely on planning and writing content - writing good quality content. While many would write multiple posts a week I c
I saw on my feeds today (on my phone ironically since this post pertains to mobile phones) that come July google will be prioritizing mobile indexing. So basically the experience while searching on mobile phones will take priority over desktop searches.Not sure how much it will effect us all if we keep our user experience in mind and use themes that are responsive and mobile friendly. If you fail to do so you will ultimately see your ranking fall.Knowing this I am sure our technology partners
May 20, 2019
Hello All!Let me thank everyone first for taking the time to read my second post. I have only made one thus far and I expect in the future more will come. I do enjoy reading everyone elses although I have days where I am more active in reading, engaging, liking content and others where I am not logged in as much. For me life continues to throw curveballs and the family and I will be making an out of state move. Ourh ouse is about to go in the market and I suspect it won't be on it for long -
Hello Everyone - As I progress through the training I amnow at Level 2 Lesson 10 where I am to post my progress thus far. There has been a lot of work that has needed to be done and it isn'tas if marketing or working online is completely new to me. I have abackground in it but never really got an opportunity to really getinto the online aspects until a few years ago with another venture. It was with that venture that I started to work with PPC Ads. Atthat point I really wanted to build my cor
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