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Last Update: November 08, 2019

Has anyone had success backlinking to each others websites (where appropriate). Its a particular area that I have not yet explored. I have mainly tried to build content and website design structure. I know there are backlinking factors involved in how sites are ranked. I even dug in some sites on articles that can be ranked fairly high and reviewed some of thier backlinks.

My non scientific conclusion. It does play a part, maybe more so as the sites ages and has more content but it does seem to matter. By the way for some of the sites that I looked at in certain niches not all of the backlinks were great. Some came from really crappy site (hate to say that) but nothing that I thought someone would find interesting to read. Some even looked that same as others, almost as if they were kinda bogus sites developed for backlinking.

Nonetheless, has anyone tried it with success amongst each other here. I am guessing where appropriate with sites that use white hat tactics and fit it in the appropriate content and areas, that it will give your site some extra juice that it needs to get recognized.

So, anyone have some experience here?

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timstime20 Premium
I'm to new and not tech savvy so I'll be interested in the comments you receive.
DaveSw Premium
I think that back linking has gotten a bad name because most people abuse or try to game the system using the tactic...

There are white hat ways to get some SEO juice from them that will not get you penalized however..

I doubt that linking to another site that has little SEO juice will help much (i.e. between site owners here) unless it is with a website that has been around for years...

There are some ways to do back linking...

I like to stick with Google properties as these are natural and owned by Google.. I have a few examples...

You can use Google sites (free websites, nothing fancy but can be a place to add related content and link to your site)..

Google docs linking to the Google site that links to your main website, and these also can be indexed by Google for the Google site...

Youtube is a big one... Also owned by Google... Related videos you embed into posts that are also SEO optimized and point to your website...

Blog dot com is a free blog platform where you can publish curated posts of your posts from your main website, and add links back to your website... Owned by Google...

If you're in the MMO niche you can also comment on SEO big players like Brian Dean's and Mathew Woodward's website posts...

They also have videos you can locate and perhaps embed and reference in your article, with links...

These are all okay ways to get some backlinks that will not cause you to be penalized that I'm aware of...

How much time would I spend on getting some backlinks? If starting out, none... More importantly the content with keywords you can compete with needs to be the focus...

There are few shortcuts in the business and lots will cost you in the long run... Once you have a solid base in place, some of the subtle means to tweak things can be addressed...

Dave :)
Aussiemuso Premium
This sounds like great advice Dave. Balanced and appropriate.
Thanks for sharing your experience
Lily 😊
benjaminpate Premium
Dave - google properties? Am I misunderstanding, I am thinking of properties in analytics to read web data.

I did see the google site - seems like you can build something simple and basic and just link it back to your site? Get some juice?

I started a youtube channel, not much there yet but trying to create content and get some traffic and then embed into some posts.

No traffic yet. I am about 8 or 9 months in, I am in what I believe to be a potential great opportunity but never got any consistent traffic - i got a little love from bing for a very short period of time, and I mean if I got 2 or 3 in a day that was great.

Now after a few weeks I am getting absolutely nothing except what seems to be bot traffic since there is 100% bounce rates and no time on pages. I believe that some niches and content may need more time to mature to really get any traffic - I think as the youtube channel gets more content that will potentially help - as of now google pays me no attention.

Thats what has led me to look at potentially trying to build a few backlinks since now I have over 30 posts and a website structure built. I know that is mentioned as a part of the SEO equation but I have yet to do that since I have been focusing on building the initial foundation of the site.

Like a lot of people I feel like I am close - I use a number of tools that tell me I have great on page SEO, ok cool thats great. I just hope that I am on the correct path in order for things to begin to click (knowing that time does factor into the equation).
JeffreyBrown Premium
I'd be interested to hear what anyone has to say here!