My Website Has Reached A Century

Last Update: February 01, 2021

It's been approximately 1 year and 4 months since I've last posted a blog post here in my personal Wealthy Affiliate blog feed.

I never got too enthralled with the idea of posting content here as there were plenty of posting required over at my website to grow my e-business.

So, I felt it was time to reach out to my network within WA to whomever interested and notify y'all that I've reached my 100th blog post published on my website at

For me, it's given me a great sense of achievement. It took me 2 years and 4 months to get to this point.

I've have a lot of these posts getting me trickle traffic each week and a one in particular that always gets me a good 45 visits a day and has been doing more or less for the past 4-5 months.

Blows my mind it's still ranked and seems to have an endless supply of readers interested in hearing about that online business I reviewed.

I went through a period a few months back where I was kinda over all the responsibilities required to run a successful website and decided to try and sell it.

Glad I snapped out of this and returned to scaling it.

The key is never giving up no matter what you do. Just have a break and return when your head clears up.

I've had a couple of periods where I hadn't posted any content on my site for like a month. Also, had a two month break at one stage.

Obviously, I don't condone having such lengthy breaks away from posting content on your site but i've done it and still manage to recieve traffic and keep the wheels turning.

I guess that's it. See y'all next time maybe.

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Abumchi Premium Plus
A HUGE well done to you. I am actually here because of you and your site . I might never have found WA if it wasn't for your site and the great content you provided (to be honest, you made it sound so great). I was more interested in another company at the time, but that came to an abrupt end after I'd read your post about Wealthy Affiliates.....BOOM....I was totally sold on it.

I'm really glad you're still around. More Power to you and thanks again for bringing me here.
Benjamin89 Premium
With a comment like that it makes the process all worthwhile. I'm glad that you see this company in the same light as I see it. I'll be here for a lifetime i'd say. No value gained if I leave now, even though I could technically go solo and build online assets.
Jenell44 Premium
Hey Benjamin, That is quite some achievement - congratulations. I have a long way to go - I've posted 21 posts on my first website about golf and am just going through the Bootcamp and starting my second website promoting WA. I'll have to keep building them both then. Phew!
Benjamin89 Premium
Hey and thanks, 21 posts is not bad considering the short amount of time you've been here. I think I was here at about month 6 the time I had around 20 posts completed. Your doing really well from what I see.
Jenell44 Premium
Thanks for your encouragement Benjamin, I can only just keep moving forward the best way I can. It's always hard to deal with the impatience I have at not being farther along the track.
MnD Premium
This is a good way to influence us and keep on writing. Thanks for this inspiration.

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Very well done, Benjamin!

philmedia Premium Plus
Great insight, and actually getting a long term view is great especially from people we don't hear from so thankyou! Phil