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I've been thinking about writing something ever since my new-found blogging frequency during these past 30 days.So I guess it'll be like a success post if anything. Maybe it might inspire some of you to pick up the pace for faster results. Especially those that are not publishing content frequently enough.So, the past month between 14th APRIL - 14th MAY I have amped up my publishing rate for my eBusiness.I noticed the Super Affiliate Challenge (SAC), but since I'm already doing bootcamp, I deci
You always hear the importance of setting goals. Wealthy Affiliate gets us to set some financial goals near the beginning of our journeys here.I've always struggled throughout life setting them and sticking to them. I am working at it to try to build some discipline with my goals setting.Anyways, I thought I might share some of my business goals I created before the start of the year to adhere by.I almost got a clean sweep. But regardless, I am glad I tried my best:January 1st - March 31st (3 m
Managed to get my first organic SERP referral, slightly over 5 months in at WA. Feels pretty good considering I've only created 14 articles. Considering that 1 in 8 people decide to go Premium. I'm pleased to have managed to get this on the first go!Although, at first I was doubtful because signing up initially EvangelineY had not filled out a bio and pic for until, I guess, 10 days later. An automated message from Kyle or something must have grabbed her attention.She's now involved and startin
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January 15, 2019
Pretty happy to say that I got accepted by Google AdSense. I know that when trying to promote/review companies in the Make Money Online (MMO) niche, can at times by difficult to get accepted into it.I must be doing something right with my new website Scam VS LegitLast time, when I had a go at building up a website a few years back, I applied and got rejected from Google Adsense in this niche. Now that I am back again things are looking better. Atleast in the sense of AdSense.Pretty convenient n
Just a quick post. I always knew I would upgrade to yearly eventually within Wealthy Affiliate. The timing couldn't have been better I believe.For a reduced price on a typical yearly membership, it is obvious that it's the best time to upgrade. If you are serious about becoming successful. Plus trust that the education and software available from within WA.It is a wise decision to upgrade during Black Friday - Cyber Monday week to get the most value for your money with the WA business.Now, I do
It's safe to say that I have hit my first road block. Up until this point (Leading up to 3 months in). I was full steam ahead and trying to adjust the Wealthy Affiliate business into my quite plain lifestyle. In all honesty. I did not really focus on paying it forward and was more concerned with doing all that I can do to escape from the clutches of control. Like the commitments and obligations we have working for the man every damn week day. In my head, I have been subconciously battling to ta
Took advantage of the $19 incentive which actually converted to $26.60 AUD at the time of sale. :(Ahh, its gonna be worth it right!Prepared for the big journey ahead and expect to experience the inevitable highs and lows, ins and outs of this business.Game on!