Biteable - How to Make a Free Animation

Last Update: Jul 28, 2016



Today I came across a cool little website called Biteable. Biteable is a free animation maker, with a very intuitive layout and easy-to-use tools.

Their complete step-by-step animation maker is quite newbie friendly, which I'm sure many of you will be grateful for! I know I was =)

Here's Biteable URL :

Step 1 - Select a Video Type

You can choose among several video types :

- explainer

- advertising

- presentation

- intro

- slideshow

Step 2 - Add Scenes

You can drag a box (a scene) to extend your animation ! Or you can remove them if you want a shorter film.

Step 3 - Enter the Text

This is the part where you add the text that will be displayed. You can preview and everything, it's really easy to do.

Step 4 - Change Colors

Select a color palette or choose custom colors to use for animated scenes.

Step 5 - Pick A Song

Choose the music track to use in your video, or upload your own.

Step 6 - Preview & Save

And that's it! The above 4 steps will merely take you a few minutes and the results will look clean and professional. It's really a great solution for beginners and people on a low budget!

Here's an example of what you can do!

Happy editing ! =)


Note : it'll cost you $99/year to remove the watermarks. They are not too bad though so if you're on a low budget you should be fine!

Recent Comments


Thanks for sharing

No problemo =)

Thank you for sharing the information.
I will definitely check ithe out

Sure =)

Great resource! Thanks Sarah

I know right? =) have fun

Thanks for this information... I really appreciate it.

Always happy to help =)

can i make video product reviews with this ?

Hmmmmm I think so yes, you can do presentations

Thanks Sarah for sharing.

You are most welcome! =)

Thanks for the tip, Sarah...will check it out!

Have fun! =)

Thanks, Sarah-I'll check it out. :)

We will expect to see a sample today Rick !

Sure =)

I typically struggle with new stuff, Steve, but I'll get it eventually.

You are a genius when it comes to creativity. This should be a cake walk brother! I will even work on it with you (as if I know anything)

Once I get the technical side down, then I'm free to let the creativity flow.

Now we start out with a thing-a-ma-jig that we plug into the wall, the we turn it on and then............well you know we just keep going. :-) Easy Peasy brother !

Wow...You're like Yoda! :)

Wise you are young man !

Follow the force, I will!

LOL, We would make a great Vaudeville Act!

You better believe it, man!

Nice,saving and trying.

=) enjoy!

YES! Great program! I recommend it to everyone who is new in the video business

=D yeah it's really cool and easy to use

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