Five Weeks with WA and Gaining Ground

Last Update: October 04, 2018


I have had other priorities and have not had lots of time to focus on building my website and yet the good news is that I have accomplished quite a lot! I have had my first WA Premium affiliate sale! This came as a surprise as I had not really done any marketing. But it was my first commission.

I have been indexed with Google for my website and also for 2 of my articles.

I have learned a lot about compressing photos and that .png is the best format for images on the website. I have discovered that I have to go back into the images that I have already on my website so that the site will upload super fast. So much learning.

When I got to the part about verification of my website, I hit a roadblock for myself and yet I was able to help another person get it sorted out and had the help of H and Robert. I can add that I have learned that when anyone asks a question there is a very supportive community here ready and willing to help. Also that when I help someone else it feels real good.

I've also have had some great ideas on forwarding my massage business and have purchased 2 domains through WA ... so watch this space to see what happens in that respect. So it goes without saying that my niche is massage, wellness and all that entails.

I am proud of getting a handle on my business and being able to carve out time to research and write some very good articles. It has been a lot of work and fun at the same time.

In the next 3 - 6 months I plan on monetizing my website and getting some decent rankings with Google. There is so much more to learn here and I am enjoying learning with so many great folk.

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YanFellow Premium
Great stuff, Julie. I'm about 10 weeks in although I'm not very prolific but you do see progress week by week!
Keep it going :-)
lesabre Premium
Great to hear Julie. Continued success.
BeCalm Premium
Thanks Michael. Good to know you are keeping an eye out for me. Best, Julie
kpercival55 Premium
Well done Julie!
Thanks for the update...nothing like sharing a success story to keep everyone motivated!
All the best to you.
BeCalm Premium
Thanks KyleAnn,
One step at a time. Just got done with training 2 ... now to focus on monetising my site. Here goes!
X Julie
Vickic3 Premium
Well done Julie
what success :)
Keep up the great work and success and you will become great friends
BeCalm Premium
Hi Vicki,
Thanks for the support. I could really use success as becoming one of my great friends! But hey I have a great friend in you so what could be better?
Thanks, Julie
Vickic3 Premium
awww thanks hun- you rock and you are doing so great :)
CandP Premium
This is great news, Julie! We are very happy for you.
Here's to your continued success.
Colette and Philip
BeCalm Premium
Dear Colette and Philip,
Thanks you two ... It feels good to get some ground broken and new leaves sprouting.
Love & Laughter, Julie