Wondering where I've been

Last Update: December 15, 2016

Hello everyone, Its been some time and some of you must be wondering where Ive been.

My sister took very ill 10 days ago, and had to leave everything to be with her. She lives in Adelaide. So it was a long and rushed trip to get there.

I apologize to everyone for not commenting or writing back to their email...

I got home lastnight, and may have to get back there in a few days time..

So Wishing Kyle, Carson, Jay and all my friends here at WA " Happy Holidays.. enjoy your families, and share the love...

Hugs to all you good people..

Bea xx

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WilliamBH Premium
Good you are back. Cheers, William.
AnthonyMLM Premium
Glad your back Bea
GlenPalo Premium
glad you are back, Bea! Have a Merry Christmas!
StepChook Premium
That's just life, Bea. You do what you have to do. Have a wonderful Christmas.
Toshmack Premium
I do hope your sister is ok and on the mend :)