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December 15, 2016
Hello everyone, Its been some time and some of you must be wondering where Ive been. My sister took very ill 10 days ago, and had to leave everything to be with her. She lives in Adelaide. So it was a long and rushed trip to get there. I apologize to everyone for not commenting or writing back to their email... I got home lastnight, and may have to get back there in a few days time.. So Wishing Kyle, Carson, Jay and all my friends here at WA " Happy Holidays.. enjoy your families, and share t
Hey, Hope everyone is doing well... I need a big favor to ask all of you...I need at least 4 testimonials of WA... What it has done for you, and how it has helped you from newbie to advanced... setting up pages to start my promotion for wa... TIA BeaMOOOOAAHHHH - thank you
Link building has been a hard part of SEO for a very long time. But we used to get away with somewhat easier and shadier tactics.In the past, you were able to rank a site by setting up some parameters on some software and by pushing the button we could get links from a whole lot of different sites.When people started getting penalized for those methods, a big portion of the SEO community turned to personal blog networks (PBNs).And it wasn't long before the big Google hammer pounded us into the
A question was raised about where to find affiliate programs, I think most of us know where, but for the new students who aren't sure this may answer they questions. A fantastic method to assist and boost your website's profits is to think about using affiliate programs.Affiliate programs enable affiliates to boost their own online earnings while enabling the program owners to boost the ad and sales of their items. There are many affiliate programs online and finding one to fit you and your we
I was asked a question the other day about how to redirect a comment to an "awesome little thank you" page. I have been asked this questions a few times now so I thought I'd show you how it's done. So let's look at how to redirect a blog comment to a thank you page. Getting your comments to redirect like this is an exceptionally smart idea since it enables you to build a relationship with newbie commentators along with getting them closer to register, to that very important subscriber list, all
If anyone Can help me to solve this problem.. Jean has tried to verify his phone number and having a little trouble .. Amazon is allowed in his country.. its just the phone number.. any Ideas anybody... Thanks in advanceI have a big issue with Amazon. When i try to create my amazon'affiliate associated account in order to have an ID and use it with my different websites,which all have amazon's stores,while i reach the step of verification,it reject my phone's number,saying that: " amazon is pro
Okay - I guess you wouldn't call this a post , but does anyone know why my ranks are going up instead of down.. now I know your going to say.. hmm your maybe you need to be more active in this community... Now I don't really know how this works, but I spend quite a few hours replying to all these emails and answering questions.. BUT I do it on my Ipad,.. when the email arrives I click on it, answer what every question or post.. then close it off.. soooooo... would the tracking thingy mi jig , t
September 26, 2016
having trouble logging in anyone else having this problem.. TIA
What a fuss did recent Google Adwords changes to its Keyword Planner tool made amongst marketers, it’s almost hard to believe that people will go so crazy about keep reading I use the long tail keyword tool, and he speaks about that also for those who use the software... Interesting read.. Jaaxy use Google data to bring back results.. I would like to know
September 18, 2016
It’s a hit below the belt!You have this excellent idea of this KILLER blog post, you are sure this is it, this post is going to bring you all the traffic you have ever dreamed of having.You sit down to write, the idea fresh in your mind, you start typing, and you can’t wait to finish it and press that keyboard to the enter button.You can’t wait to hit the publish button! Your vision of all this traffic and incoming links and comments are going around and around in your head.AH