Finding the Niche to Compliment Your Product

Last Update: August 19, 2016

I've been gone awhile finishing a writing project that was due, but I'm back in full force. I've been researching Products and Niches since that is the basis of our Blog Businesses.

I have two Websites started and I am pleased with both; however, when it comes to monetizing and marketing--I'm lost.

I have learned that without a marketable product, even through affiliates, the niche you choose will go nowhere as far as making money. You have to sell something to bring in money, which means you have to have something to sell and generic Amazon links aren't the answer. Nor is attempting to sell televisions on a "becoming a mommy" website. The product and niche must compliment each other.

I have also learned that building a website to teach other people how to build a website is a popular niche. It's the same with becoming a writer--teaching writing is easier and sometimes more lucrative than becoming a published author.

Still, I sincerely believe there is money to be made, which is why I'm still here. If you need convincing, consider eBay and Facebook's Shopify. The success of both is proof the market is out there--we just have to find it and tap into it.

Shopify published a free ebook called: How to Find a Product to Sell Online: The Definitive Guide. I'm not affiliated so you can feel free to click the link. It covers most of what is taught here at WA, plus a few other ideas and tactics.

I'm sharing to here to help speed up the process of building and marketing your business. I hope it helps.

Keep learning. Keep moving forward. Nothing you do or have done is wasted. It's all a learning process.

God Bless! Barb

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Thank you for that great info Barb! Cheers, William.
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Thanks for sharing with us.
Good new information is always helpful as long as we put it to good use.

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