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I've been gone awhile finishing a writing project that was due, but I'm back in full force. I've been researching Products and Niches since that is the basis of our Blog Businesses. I have two Websites started and I am pleased with both; however, when it comes to monetizing and marketing--I'm lost. I have learned that without a marketable product, even through affiliates, the niche you choose will go nowhere as far as making money. You have to sell something to bring in money, which means yo
May 27, 2016
I quit for tonight. I have worked for HOURS trying to set up an automated email system, first with Get Response and then with Mail Chimp, with no success. I have built two websites, been accepted by several affiliates and google adsense, changed HTML coding, added images, tags, alt, and on and on, but this email stuff has got me whipped. I try to personalize a download free ebook page in Get Response or build a newsletter template and the text box refuses to let me type text here, and their dir
Went to SiteComment to get comments and review on And received this message. Why? Someone, please explain. "This website has been flagged by the community as being inappropriate for SiteComments. You may not request Comments for this website." I really need to know
Hello Folks, Recently Walmart pharmacies reset all their medication discount cards and I went through several before finally trying the FREE Goodrx card. One of my prescriptions without insurance or a discount card is over $70 at my local Walmart Pharmacy. The FREE Goodrx discount brought the cost down to $7. The other cards were next to useless, most didn't work at all.I'm not sure how it works at other pharmacies, but I do know at Walmart in Texas, this card is a life saver. You can google
April 20, 2016
I have struggled a lot the last two weeks with my Money Making Website and have been barely moved forward, so I have decided, to Change Directions. I'm not saying I'm abandoning the Work Toward Freedom website, except for a short time, but my passions (one of the big four) leans toward helping people emotionally. My most favorite career other than maybe training horses and giving riding lessons, was as a substance abuse counselor. When dealing with substance abuse, a person deals with the compl
April 17, 2016
I've created a Making Money Website while going through Bootcamp and have reached a point of wishing I someone with experience to go through my site, check my plugins, SEOs, and all the many moving pieces that make a website work properly. I've done everything I know, but more keeps coming. I'm trying to backup to Dropbox, put in Mega descriptions, improve everything to point I'm going nowhere and am wondering if I'm not making some serious mistakes. Some of the trainings are outdated due to th
March 24, 2016
Hello WA folks, Just wanted to say hello, God bless, and I'm still here. Making time to write (work on my Getting Started page in Bootcamp) in a busy household is a challenge, but I'm determined to win the battle. The husband, grandson, horses, cows, chickens, dogs, worms (yes, I raise worms), neighbors, friends, all keep me hopping, and I'm sure it's the same with many of you. I'm learning that if I grab a few minutes here, and steal a few seconds there, my mind keeps working on the words I
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